Diet quick to prepare: the woman dropped half the weight, eating junk food and semi-finished products

To lose weight quickly and effortlessly is the dream of many women. This young mother managed to reduce your weight twice, daily eating harmful food. How did it have what I want, and still lose those extra pounds — find out from our material.

Kelly Robinson (Kelley, Robinson) 28. She lives in Wolverhampton, UK. After weight loss the size of her Breasts has decreased from 44F (6 size) to 36E (2 size). After the birth of her second child for 8 months the woman gained 50 pounds and now dropped half of them, eating semi-finished products and fast food.
Kelly was stress-eating, sitting at home with a newborn son Kyle. The boy was born a real hero, a weight of 5 pounds.

When a young mom came back from maternity leave, she decided that she will be able to more carefully monitor the number of calories consumed, eating semi-finished products for cooking in the microwave. As a result, it of postrhinal, and her huge chest sixth size has decreased to a more balanced second.
When the mother of two children, she weighed 133 pounds and wore the 60-th size clothing. Prior to that, Kelly was dressed in a 48-th size. After a sharp increase in the weight of the woman suffered from severe pain in knees due heavy load of the joints.

The extra weight started to cause Kelly great discomfort, and she decided to take diet pills in order to quickly get rid of the hated kilograms. But the result was not. The torment lasted as long as the groom Kelly, a fan of fitness Ryan lake (Ryan Lake) has not submitted her a helping hand.

“Ryan is just wonderful. He saw how depressed I was, and gently and unobtrusively controlled the process, began to drive me to the gym. I’d never be able to make this bold step without it,” says the woman.

At first Kelly was very difficult, she wanted to quit and hated exercise. But when the woman saw that the weight started to decline, she cheered and continued training and diet.
Except that the young mother counted the calories in the semis, she stopped snacking between meals and started drinking plain water instead of sweet fizzy drinks. In the first three months on the new regime, the woman has lost three sizes.

“After that, I began to treat myself even more, because I realized that I could achieve the desired result. I cut the servings of carbohydrates, dairy products, and quitting unhealthy food,” says Kelly.

The lifestyle has completely changed and, in just a year, Kelly lost 57 pounds. Now she weighs 70 kg with height 1.70 m and wears a 46 size clothing.

“Now I became a fan of the gym! I go there every time I have a free moment. Get up an hour before the kids and exercise. In the gym I go to at least six times a week and combine cardio with strength training,” says the young mother.

A woman engaged in weightlifting, to correct the problem of sagging after sudden weight loss the skin. Now even friends often don’t recognize it, if you meet on the street, insanely happy happy Kelly. In addition, the young mother began to look better, she forgot about the problem with sick knees and began to feel refreshed.
Today, Kelly is an active and cheerful woman. But, as she says, to achieve such impressive results without the support of loved ones she could not. A special role was played by Ryan, who loved his girl and chubby but wanted a better life for her.

If you set a goal and constantly move towards it, be sure it will reach. The main thing — not to lower hands and to fight with all the difficulties along the way. And with the support of family and friends is no problem is not terrible, and excess negativity will go together with excess weight.

And you were inspired by the example of this persistent and determined woman?

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