Love of evil: Japanese spoke about his affair with a female cockroach

It is known that Japanese large originals and love the variety of madness. But there are among them and really strange characters, such as Yuta Shinohara. The young man told reporters about his unusual business, a romantic relationship with tarakanami and what tragic denouement awaited them.

Shinohara childhood sin that ate insects. No, not because Japan is at the peak of the food crisis, but simply due to the fact that he liked it.

The guy was ashamed of his addiction and cracking flies and larvae a secret from everyone. But after in 2013, a report was published by the Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations about the nutritional value of insects, the Japanese came out of hiding and stopped hiding their culinary preferences.

Communication with Utah reporters are always overflowing with positivity

Moreover, Utah has opened his own restaurant and feeds on beetles and dragonflies all comers. Its famous in certain circles ramen from 100 crickets appreciated more than 7 thousand foodies and recognized the great taste and nutritional value of meals.

Utah and his beloved

In General, Shinohara — the person is creative and versatile and even his bedroom is on the tree. But the most surprising event of his life can be called a novel with a female cricket named Lisa, whom Yuta ordered by mail from Africa. The story about the relationship with exotic insects can move any Japanese sadly talks about how talking with Lisa about life, and about bilateral contact, it seemed that they existed.

The Japanese admitted that not once fantasized about having sex with insects, imagining that is a little or that his favorite growing in size.

Alas, the cockroaches don’t live long and just a year later his lover died. To pay the last tribute to their relationship, Shinohara ate Lisa, thus forever reunited with the love object.

Utah hunting game for their restaurant. Or maybe looking for a new love?

Despite personal tragedy, the eater of cockroaches not depressed and did not give up. Utah continues to develop its business and has a serious purpose in life. The plans of the Japanese, which he announced to journalists, the popularization of dishes from insects in the whole country and the creation of a network of institutions similar to that which it contains.

To prepare insects is not easy, as the products all the time run up in the kitchen

Dream Utah Shinohara not so utopian, given the Japanese love for everything unusual and new. The country has some places have installed vending machines offering meals of crickets and operates several establishments such as restaurant Utah.

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