Moderate Democrats BLAST ‘woke left’ over Senate loss – ‘Fking torn apart in 2022’

In a three-hour-long video meeting, moderate members of the party criticised liberals for displaying “far-left” stances they believe cost a number of seats. According to the Washington Post, Virginia congresswoman Abigail Spanberger said: “We need to not ever use the word ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ ever again.

“We lost good members because of that.

“If we are classifying Tuesday as a success… we will get fg torn apart in 2022.”

Kurt Schrader, of Oregon’s fifth congressional district, criticised the party’s far left “messaging” as it “scared” voters.

According to The Telegraph, he said: “Democrats’ messaging is terrible; it doesn’t resonate.

“When [voters] see the far left that gets all the news media attention, they get scared.

“They’re very afraid that this will become a supernanny state, and their ability to do things on their own is going to be taken away.”

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, remained neutral to the party’s blame game by asserting there were hopes for the party to take control of the Senate.

She highlighted the chances of a potential tie in Georgia which would extend the battle for the majority out until early January.

US political commentator Megyn Kelly told Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan that regardless of what outcome the election brings, there has been a good result for the Republican Party as the Democrats seem set to lose 10 seats in Congress and remain without control of the Senate.

Ms Kelly warned Mr Biden will need to exert executive orders to get legislation through the US political system.

Mr Morgan said: “Trump got over 80 million votes at least and counting, which is one of the biggest votes cast for anybody in an election.

“Joe Biden has got the record but Trump is right up there.

“The Democrats have lost seats in the house of representatives, and they have not gained the Senate.

“Biden is going to be quite a lame-duck President in many ways, isn’t he?

“If you are the Republicans, you might think that a few years of hammering from the outside is no bad thing.”

Ms Kelly replied: “On balance it was probably a better night for the Republicans than it was for the Democrats.

“The Democrats got the big prize they wanted which was Trump out, we think from the numbers coming in.

“But the Republicans have got 10 more seats in the house, they were supposed to lose seats in the house and it looks like they have held onto control of the Senate.

“He comes in pretty hobbled, Biden, as he emerges to the top job, has no mandate.”

She claimed the Republicans will be “more determined than ever” to prevent Mr Biden’s actions, adding that he will resort to executive orders.


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