The most incredible cases of succession

There are several types of rich people: one has worked all his life tirelessly, others had only one idea in a million, which helped them get to the top, the third born in a rich family and not a single day in his life did not work, the fourth just bought a lottery ticket for a couple of bucks and now do not know where to spend it collapsed on their heads by the millions.

Today we’ll talk about inheritances and imposing those conditions, have become for many a real surprise. Most often, a legacy left to compensate relatives of funeral expenses, rituals, etc., but sometimes the amount is a little bit more. For a few million dollars more.

1. The waitress had inherited $ 500,000 from visitor

Seventeen-year-old waitress Sarah woods in your town chagrin reservation falls, Ohio, in 1992 became friends with bill Cracksteam who often frequented the café where she waitressed. He was a widower and she lost her father at the age of 10 years, and it seemed to bring them closer. Woods often helped the old man at home, did minor cleaning, and more. Craxton, in turn, said that he imagined their children such as Sarah. He died at the age of 82 from a heart attack. Already in the hospital before his death, he pointed out the phone number of the woods as a near relative and called her his heir. Thus, she suddenly had $ 500,000, a house and two cars. Woods spent money on the right thing, to study.

2. 17 randomly selected Portuguese inherited a fortune aristocrat

Portuguese aristocrat Luis Carlos de Noronha Cabral da Camara was a rich childless bachelor. He died of natural causes at the age of 42 years. And in the day of his death seventeen unsuspecting Portuguese called and said that they were the heirs of one of the richest men in Portugal. Luis at random picked all these people in the phone book 13 years before death. In addition to 25 000 euros, he bequeathed 12-room apartment house and a car. All this was divided among seventeen strangers.

3. Homeless brothers inherit $ 6.6 million from the grandmother they never knew

The contributed and Geza Peladi lived in a cave a few kilometers from Budapest and scoured the city in search of more or less valuable garbage to then sell it for a pittance. Their grandmother long ago they were lost and could not find. After she died, the lawyers contacted social services to find two lost brothers and to announce that they are now six and a half million dollars richer. It’s a miracle that lawyers managed to find them because their mother abandoned them before they are one year old.

4. Sergey Sudev inherited 950 million euros from his uncle, whom he barely knows

My uncle from Germany Sergey knew very bad. Saw him only once, and anything not expected. After the news that he became heir to almost a billion euros, no one expected that Sergei will react. Sergey no use of this money does not see. As he says: “Another headache”. The whole town does not give him passage, and to work he has to travel by car colleagues. Earnings almost billionaire just 150 euros a month, he is studying in absentia at the faculty of journalism and works as a DJ on local radio.

5. Mort Zacher inherited 6 million dollars from uncle, which he thought was poor

The accountant from new York all the child watched as his parents worked 100 hours a week in a bakery owned by his uncles: Henry and Joe. They were paid the remains of bread and biscuits, and his whole life was a struggle, until he was 36. At this age he found out that uncle was much more successful than he could have imagined, because he received a legacy of $ 6 million. His parents refused the money when the son asked them to take the inheritance that they rightly deserve. Now mort continues to write his memoirs, and not in a hurry to spend a lot of money.

6. Tony Chan inherited a 4.2 billion dollars by tricking an eccentric woman

Once the richest woman in Asia, Nina Wang, after learning that he had cancer, he rewrote his will, made happy thereby, Tony Chan, Feng Shui master. He promised that a particular practice will help her live forever if she, of course, will not forget to mention it in his will. Before all the money was meant for her family and a small part was supposed to go to charity. When the reading of the will, the relatives immediately filed a lawsuit, the court decided the case in favor of the original content. Chan was arrested for fraud and forgery.

7. Eva Paolo had inherited $ 40 million from the lost father

Simple Argentine maid took nine years of serious trials and even exhume the body for DNA comparison to confirm their kinship with the Baron Rufino Otero. Paolo had always suspected that her father was of noble birth, and her mother took that secret to the grave.

8. The teenager has inherited an island with hidden treasure on it from his grandfather

Josh saw my grandfather a few times, but it did not stop him to become the sole heir of an untold fortune of his grandfather. Samuel (grandfather of Josh) never approved of his daughter’s marriage for religious reasons, but he doted on his grandson. He left 80 acres of farmland and 36 acres of land in a private island. The will also mentioned precious stones, hidden somewhere on the island “in a jar”. Josh’s mother and daughter of Samuel tells that as a child constantly played with his father in “treasure island”.

9. The homeless man ran away from police officers who wanted to tell him the good news about the inheritance of 6 million dollars

67-year-old Thomas Martinez was living on the streets in Santa Cruz de La Sierra in Bolivia. One day the police came to him when he slept on the bench to say that his late wife, whom he divorced a few years earlier, left him $ 6 million. Martinez decided that they want to arrest him for drug possession, vagrancy or alcoholism, and ran away. Local Newspapers trumpeted about it, tried to find him a little and teased freshly baked millionaire: “a Local millionaire ran away from his inheritance…” it is Surprising that the whereabouts of a millionaire is still unknown.

10. Charles Vince Millar left his fortune “to the lady with the most children”

Charles Vince Millar was a successful canadian lawyer and businessman who loved to make fun of greedy people. At the time of his death he left no relatives, no children, so the text of the will was full of unusual requests. The most strange and unusual ordered the lawyer to transfer part of the capital in cash 10 years after his death and to give all the money most mother of many children. This period was called “race the stork,” and in the end broke out of the trial. After a thorough check of 4 women divided among themselves the money, and each received $ 750,000. They had 9 children.

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