The evil eye and spoilage: as Russia struggled with the negative energy

Phenomena such as the evil eye and spoilage has been known in Russia since time immemorial. Fears that someone is having negative effects on energy, calling it illness or a run of bad luck began to haunt the person long before the advent of Christianity. Today, the belief in spells continues to live among our fellow citizens, and gets along fine with innovative technologies and progress in medicine.

What is the difference between the evil eye and spoilage?

For an ignorant person the evil eye and spoilage are synonymous. But in fact, these two concepts have long been shared by way of application to the person damage. Jinx was no malice in it, just praising the man or envious of him, and to put a curse had much to try.

In Russia believed that there is a “spotovye” people who are able at one glance to cause unhappiness. Honestly, these days those who believe in the “evil eye” also many, with among people of different age and level of education. You probably heard that from some persons suggest to stay away and not recommend to show them babies, new things and successes in your personal life and career.

Blight has a different nature. This negative energy effects on the victim intentionally. To clean up the damage enough to have the “evil eye” — must possess secret knowledge and magical items. Therefore, at all times believed that the damage is induced by a sorcerer or witch.

Deliverance from evil eye and spoilage also has its own nuances. In Russia believe that the effects of the evil eye often disappear on their own or they can be removed from the Church and having a simple ceremony. In corruption, everything is much more complicated — it does not spontaneously, and often only growing worse over time. The worst of the impact energy is the “damage on death”, whose purpose — to make people die from the light.

How to determine the evil eye or damage?

Even today, most older people will gladly tell you how to determine that a person is cursed or is a spell. The main symptom of the negative impact is the deterioration of his health, usually sudden and causeless.

The sudden cold that hit in the middle of summer, broken on blue foot, unexpected dental problems and even weight fluctuations in either direction — these problems even today, many people can associate with mystical causes.

In addition, the old man could distinguish the many symptoms that most people are not associated with mysticism. Increase fatigue, lack of appetite, problems with skin, nails and hair, bruising on the body without a specific reason — all used to treat important signs of the “evil eye”.

Damage could cause more serious troubles, such as severe infections, seizures, mental illness, asphyxiation. The appearance of spots on the body are the right shape or, worse still, cuts and scratches of unknown origin, certainly attributed to the actions of a wizard or witch. Believed that man, as a result of actions of the evil magician, may be deprived of male power and female infertile.

We should also mention the impact on the destiny of man. An attacker could bring the “crown of celibacy”, to deprive of success, to quarrel with close people and even cause poorer performance in school. People affected by the damage, could start to abuse alcohol or were involved in some trouble.

If a person was “done to death”, he is usually withdrawn, become irritable and distracted. “Spoiled” avoided even the closest people, and often behaved strangely. The result could suicide, accident or sudden death, sometimes during sleep.

In ancient times it was believed that whoever “messed up”, began to be afraid of crosses, icons and Holy books. Also the victim of dark forces avoided the temples or if he went to lead, I felt bad. To determine the damage induced on a child, especially in infancy, was even easier. Under the clear signs of witchcraft were constant crying, weight loss, fever caused by unknown causes, or anxiety attacks.

Rituals that define the evil eye

If there was ways to put a curse on a person, then, of course, there were special methods of withdrawal. At all times the rites for getting rid of the mental problems was a lucrative business in the age of computers and flying to Mars, nothing really changed.

To deal with the problem, it is necessary, first, to correctly identify its causes. This took beeswax and pot, filled with cold water. The wax is melted in a small bowl over a candle, and then for a time drove them over the man’s head.

Thereafter, another uncured all the stuff in a thin stream poured into a container of water and watched what form it will take melted wax. If the surface was smooth or had small depressions and bulges, it was believed that everything is in order and the magic don’t need help.

But if the substance he took an intricate form, the actions of rescue had to start immediately. If the wax has a large build-up, it meant the presence of serious family curses and jagged, as if bitten edge was a sure sign of damage to “fate”.

To determine the evil eye or damage used three Church candles. Put them next on the table, before man, who was suspected of the problem and then read the prayer to the virgin Mary. If in the process of prayer, the candle flame did not change, it was considered a good sign, but if it started to waver, crackle or smoke, the signs of witchcraft was obvious.

The easiest way was to use the Golden ring. In Russia believed that if you stroke the cheek of a man jinxed or spoiled, with this decoration, the dark trail. Of course, such a diagnosis was forbidden to use your own rings, which were worn daily.

For many centuries people believed that the damage can be determined using chicken eggs. For this, the left hand took a fresh egg, and in his right a knife. The egg gently broke over the vessel with water, and then put the dishes on the subject’s head. In this position, the capacity was supposed to be a few minutes, and then she took off and carefully examined the contents.

If the protein is and the yolk remained in the form in which she hit the water, it was considered a good sign. But if the yolk is flat on the bottom, and the protein was moving towards the surface of the fine threads — that there was a magical impact on the patient. The worst symptom was considered to be bubbling protein — it meant damaging “to the death”.

Black dots, bloody veins and other inclusions, detected in the protein or yolk, was the indication that there was a serious magical ritual with the use of the burial ground and help to remove the damage can only be experienced magician.

Rituals designed to rid the victim of the negativity that existed and still exists very much. Every magician and a psychic at all times had its own exclusive Arsenal of anti-curses, and special magic tools. Of course, from getting rid of magical effects were never free, that to this day is the cause of the constant abuse and fraud.

Have you experienced with the damage or the evil eye and whether you believe that man can harm, using magic?

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