Street artist “substitute” 20 the urban shadows to the flowers and monkeys, and many didn’t even notice

In Redwood city there is something strange: bike racks, mailboxes and Parking meters to cast shadows in the shape of flowers, monsters and monkeys. All of this artist’s work of Damon Belanger from Northern California, who was assigned to draw in the center of the city 20 false shadows.

Association for the development of Redwood city was donated to the city 30 thousand dollars to bring in a more creative environment, to inspire other street artists entertain passers-by. One of the projects performed Belanger.

The artist explains: “the Shade adds life to the boring usual things, and bring a little fun to the everyday life of citizens”.

Painted shade seamlessly into the urban environment, and many passers-by at first glance, their not even noticed. The author of the photos Beth Mostovoy witnessed as one man shadows in the form of flowers showed his little daughter: he himself saw nothing unusual around.

First Belanger stencil deals on the sidewalk the outlines of the figure, and then paints it dark gray.

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