The Golden egg: a passionate female fans Cristiano Ronaldo polished statue of a famous football player

Millions of women around the world go crazy with this scorching hunk. Star Juventus even received a monument in his native Portugal. This event did not go unnoticed for fans of the famous footballer. Now the dream of loyal fans Cristiano became, so to say, tangible. As girls use the opportunity to touch at least the bronze body of the idol — looking in our material.

Whole groups of excitable beauties surround a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo outside his own hotel Pestana CR7 in the city of Funchal on the island Madeira.

One of the tourists posing holding onto “interesting place” statues.

Tourists can’t keep your hands to yourself and be sure to take pictures next to the sculptures. Because of this, the bronze medal at the shorts of the player tolerables, and now the area between the foot of the statue shines with dazzling brilliance.

After installing the 800-pound monument to the crowd of fans Cristiano Ronaldo come to see it. But if football fans are trying to RUB “for luck” boot player, the most dedicated fans rise much higher. And, judging by the Shine on the shorts, such a lot more.

Three-meter monument to a famous football player was created by sculptor Ricardo Madeira Veloso from and installed in 2014

One of the first who noticed a particular interest in the statue, was John Rodgers (John Rodgers). A fan of the game Ronaldo, the Brit was photographed holding the hand of a bronze statue of your favorite player. After he sent these pictures to relatives, immediately showered with humorous comments about the shiny area between the foot of the monument.

“When I returned to the ship, he saw that all the tourists come to the monument to lay a hand on this place. But I think that to hold to the area penalty, against the rules,” says John.

33-year-old striker, Juventus, Ronaldo has scored 85 goals in 154 appearances for Portugal. It is considered the best football player of a planet of all time. Cristiano received five Golden balls and became the second football superstar after Messi.

Shiny shorts mean that in a positive ritual “happiness” really believe. Getting better after this personal life fans of football talent is unknown, but I would like to hope. Would you like to hold out for Golden balls Ronaldo?

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