Camilla Parker Bowles has twice refused Prince before you marry him

All girls dream to marry a Prince. Not only Camilla Parker Bowles. Wayward Englishwoman twice refused the heir to the British throne. Prince Charles begged her to accept the offer hands and hearts. There it was. Camilla Parker Bowles knew his worth. She knows 1001 ways how to fall in love with the Prince. To hopelessly fall in love, for life, against the wishes of the Royal family.

External data are in 1002nd place in the list of secrets “Camilla Parker”. The fact is that the choice of the Prince can boast of subtle facial features, long hair with long curls. Good manners also do not appear in its Arsenal. Of course, Camilla Parker knows how to behave like a real lady. But she only does because of the circumstances that cannot be changed. So what is the secret of the famous English women?

Childhood and adolescence

Camilla Parker belongs to an ancient noble family, so it was brought up by a succession of nurses, governesses and teachers. They tried to instill in the young rebel refined taste, a love of science, discipline. The wisdom of secular life are not inspired little Camille. She preferred swimming, horse riding, playing with the farm kids. Trying to cope with the unruly disposition of the daughter, her parents sent her to boarding school for girls.

The Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles in his youth and now

Graduates of such institutions showed a fine taste, good manners, intelligence, according to their aristocratic origin. Camille remained the same. She was keenly interested in politics, sports, boldly expressed point of view. Women avoided contact with the sharp-tongued English. What she did wasn’t sorry, because he loved to have fun in the company of men.

Matters of the heart

Camilla Parker met with Prince Charles on a rainy day in July 1970, the year in Windsor Park. For the Prince of Wales it was love at first sight. Camille was 23 years old, the Prince in less than a year. Despite its “originality”, she did not lack for male attention. On the contrary, when the heir of the crown, the girl managed to change 11 lovers. She often declared their love. The Englishwoman lived in a big way, not thinking about chastity.

Since then, the inhabitants of Buckingham Palace lost the rest. Prince Charles appeared with his chosen receptions, exhibitions, races and other events. Camille had the good sense not to make plans about living together with the Prince. The canons on the Royal bride of the heir to the throne must be a chaste virgin, which could not be said about the daring aristocrat.

Trying to end a hopeless relationship, she told Charles his number in a long series of their lovers. But this news has not cooled the ardor of love of the Prince. He continued to care for, to give gifts, to take her into the light. Then Camilla went on a radical step and married officer Andrew Parker-Bowles. Prince Charles was even ready to marry a divorced woman, what really bothered the ruling family.

Camilla Parker with her first husband, Andrew Parker-Boltom

Finally wanting to break hopeless relationship, Camilla Parker introduced Prince Charles to Diana Spencer and even blessed him for a happy marriage.

Rivals: Diana and Camilla met before the wedding of Charles. The photo was taken in the spring of 1981.

Soon Princess Diana became the darling of the British, and her husband is rapidly losing popularity because of their obsessive feelings for Camilla Parker. Charles did not let up. Five days later, after the wedding the Prince was again at the feet of Camille, but that were impregnable, like a fortress.

Married to a Prince

Time passed, and the love of the Prince was fading. After the tragic death of his wife, he again turned to Camille. Prince Charles tried been with her every spare minute. They were 20-year-old youths. Both were on the verge of the 50th anniversary. Their relationship became public. The British are looking forward to developments. And soon there was a junction.

Camille and her two children from first marriage: Thomas and Laura

This time Prince Charles went to drastic measures. He probably realized that the days of knights are long gone. Wise court intrigue, he decided to cut the favourite escape route and carried out a cunning plan. On one of the social events the Prince publicly embraced the woman and kissed her passionately in front of camera lenses of the journalists.

Prince Charles and Camilla on the day of their wedding in 2005

Rumor has it that it was another trick of Camille, who was still looking for ways to destroy the love of the Prince. Anyway, photos of the couple kissing appeared on the front pages of all Newspapers.

Journalists jumped the gun and published the pictures under headlines about the upcoming wedding that was a complete surprise for Camilla Parker. Now she really had nowhere to retreat. However, as the Royal family. In 2000, Camilla Parker Bowles officially unveiled at Buckingham Palace. In 2004, Elizabeth II, who according to rumors is not very fond of Camille, and blessed their marriage. The wedding took place in 2005.

Camilla Parker-Bowles 30 years rejected the love of the Prince, to 50 years to marry him. In adulthood it remains the same unlike the other noblewomen. Camille devotes much time to children and grandchildren, that does not prevent her from getting to the front pages of Newspapers. So, in 2017 the British media discussed the argument of Kate Middleton with Camilla because of her sharp tongue.

Anyway Prince Charles, overcoming many difficulties, finally found happiness with the woman that never wanted to marry him.

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