Cocaine diet: a well-known model admitted that he was taking drugs to thin waist and the “cat” gait

What tricks don’t go girl to achieve the perfect figure. What can we say about the models that the diet become a lifestyle. Exhausting yourself on a daily exercise and hunger, they try as quickly as possible to lose weight.

This girl has found a radical solution for harmony, but what is it worth it? What happened to the former model sat down on the cocaine diet — learn from our material.

Model ruby Matthews Tuesday weld (Ruby Tuesday Matthews) was so thin that it seemed, will not be able to get pregnant. So the exhausted girl as a result became a cocaine and coffee diet.

She is now the mother of two adorable children. Ruby decided to radically change your lifestyle, when he realized that weighs only 53 kgs at growth of 1.65 m, and can not hide his drug addiction.
25-year-old woman openly told fans who asked how she could maintain such a slim figure before pregnancy. The model answered honestly by its 200,000 subscribers that regularly used cocaine, drank strong coffee and smoked cigarettes.

Ruby added, that it was not difficult to conceal their drug dependence, and people often wondered how she manages to eat a lot and not gain weight.

“Men are easy to hide anything: whether it be addiction, depression, anxiety. This was the main reason I lost weight and became so skinny,” says ruby.

The former model believes that her environment had a lot of people with similar habits.

“In the world of fashion and high life almost everyone experiments with drugs,” — says the girl.

A young woman now weighs 64 pounds and is completely healthy. She stopped taking cocaine just days before found out she was pregnant with her son Rocket. The model is thought because of their lifestyle won’t be able to get pregnant.

Ruby gave up drugs after another night, when he felt very bad. On the second day she had a terrible hangover, although this never happened before.

“It was killing me. I never thought I can conceive, and no one thought it possible,” says the former model.

The first thought that came to mind the girl — she has so much hanging out last night, is everything OK with her baby after all this? But the doctor assured future mom that her and the future baby’s all right.
In addition, ruby admitted that at the age of 16 she had a miscarriage. Her mother and ex-boyfriend did not want her to give birth. After the loss of a child, parents send a girl in Cambodia.

“I spent my life struggling with my demons,” she adds, speaking about his psychological state.

Ex-model promises its subscribers to tell more about his past.
This is another victim of the fashion world that nearly killed myself because of the desire to be thin and famous. Such examples are many, but the experience of ruby once again proves that stop is never too late. The girl was able to gain a new sense of life in the family and children, and is now quite happy.

Have you ever started a diet?

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