How different actors of the movie “Kill bill” for 15 years

The films of Quentin Tarantino have always been events. Was no exception and the picture “Kill bill”. Some saw it in action, others drama, and someone saw it as a black Comedy and a parody of samurai fighters. But almost none of the film did not leave anyone indifferent.

This year the film celebrates its 15th anniversary. Blogger Vitaliy Dologra, he dubikvit, invites you to explore how different actors over the years.

Beatrix kiddo: Uma Thurman (48 years old).

O Ren Ishii: Lucy Liu (49).

Vernita green: vivica A. Fox (53).

Go-go Yubari: Chiaki Kuriyama (33).

Hattori Hanzo sword: Sonny Chiba (79 years).

Ellie Driver: Daryl Hannah (57 years).

Budd: Michael Madsen (59).

Rufus: Samuel l Jackson (69 years).

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