Top 10 James McAvoy movies — romance, psychopath, killer, the Faun and the Professor

James McAvoy is a Scottish actor and multiple Academy awards Laurence Olivier and Golden globe. Likely the world would never have known about the existence of the modest, blue-eyed boys, if not for the meeting with James with movie producer David Hayman. His story about the world of cinema so captured a future star, whose goal at the time was to take a priest and go to save Africa from the evils that James immediately asked him about a tiny role in the film. The role he got together with her and understand what she wants to do really.

Then followed a successful entry to the Royal Academy of music and drama, the first role and the first recognition of his talent by critics and audiences. Of the amazing variety of images created by the actor in quite a short time, we have chosen the most vivid and memorable.

Particularly dangerous (2008)

Wesley lives the standard life of office plankton. Every day is filled with monotonous and meaningless Affairs and I think he will forever remain a chronic loser. However, the fate in store for the main character, absolutely incredible event.

He meets the magnificent and mysterious beauty of the Fox. It makes Wesley a very trivial suggestion: learn a trade killer. The young man is learning all the subtleties of the craft of an assassin, successfully performs the first mission, and the Brotherhood accepts him into their ranks.

Now is the time to deal with the mysteries of the past and avenge his father, who once also was a member of the killers.

The dirt (2013)

The main character of the film, detective Bruce Robertson really wants to get a promotion. However, half a dozen of his colleagues dream about the same, but the vacancy is only one. Bruce gets the job of leadership and begins to investigate the murder of a Japanese student. In parallel, not disdaining any means, the main character deals with applicants. He’s lying, framing, mocks, humiliates and enjoys the moments of meanness.

The hero’s life filled with promiscuity, alcohol and drugs. Gradually he begins to dive into the world of hallucinations and doesn’t understand what is happening is real and what is just a figment of his sick imagination.

Atonement (2007)

Country estate in England. In the yard in 1935. Two sisters, Brioni and Cecilia having a good summer. Junior, Brioni, the person impressionable and curious, dreaming of a writing career. The eldest, Cecily, the girl bold and energetic, is on the verge of first love. Her partner, son Robbie’s maid meets her affection.

The sudden attack of the unknown cousin sisters Lola changes the characters ‘ destinies once and for all. Opinionated and overly emotional, Brioni without much thought calls Robbie a rapist, and the guy sent to prison. Cecilia leaves the family, but little sister will have to overcome a long way in the effort to win redemption.

Jane Austen (2006)

England of the 18th century offered to girls from poor families unenviable destiny — a marriage of convenience. So the main character Jane, the daughter of a simple priest, is faced with a choice. A young dreamer, like every girl, is waiting for great love. On the doorstep with a proposal of marriage turns out to be Mr. Weasley, a young man from a wealthy family. Heart Jane does not feel any fear, it is silent.

However, when fate brings the heroine with a bold and intelligent, the handsome Tom, she falls in love blindly. Young wish to marry, but the Union is opposed to uncle Tom, but a young man completely depends on his financial support.

Split (2017)

Kevin Kramb suffers from a mental disorder in his head is home to 23 of the individual with a completely different temperament and behavior.

A man kidnaps three young girls and places them in the basement. However, it’s not all bad news: soon will be released the most terrible and cruel nature of Kevin named the Beast, and captive perfect for ritual and revival.

The day of the great event one of the personalities of Kevin’s invited to the house of psychiatrist Karen Fletcher. Woman knows about the possibility of the appearance of the Beast, but owns and the magic word that helps him to tone it down. Just say the name of the hero completely. After that, all of the personality of Kevin to hurry to get to the light, and who knows who will win.

X-men: First class (2011)

History tells us about the formation of the two most prominent representatives of the tribe of the X-Men, Charles Xavier and Eric Lensherr. The youth of the characters, their first awareness of their own unusual abilities, the first loss of the precious people and the first experience like them.

Charles and Erik meet and will stand on the same side, but it is here and will be the beginning of the split the mutants into two camps. And around serious passions boil another scale, the two superpowers, USA and USSR on the brink of nuclear war. Surely not without mutants?

Trance (2013)

Simon works at the auction house and monitoring the safety of valuable items. Once is daring robbery right during the auction. The gangsters set their sights on multi-million dollar painting of Goya’s “Witches in the air”. Simon when you try to save the picture gets a bump on the head from the leader of the criminals Frank successfully escapes from the exhibit. However, much to the chagrin of the bandits, in their hands was the only frame.

Now Frank with companions intend to get to the main character and find out where he stashed the painting. There is only one small problem: Simon was after the strike had developed amnesia. Criminals this fact does not stop, they decide to use the services of a hypnotist and help the main character to remember everything.

The last king of Scotland (2006)

Nicholas receives a medical degree and is not eager to stay and work in his native Scotland. When you’re young can save the world and help all people.

Fate puts the hero in faraway Uganda, where he intends to apply his skills to better use. A chance meeting with the new President Amin grows into sympathy and then into the strong male friendships. Nicholas first works as a personal doctor of the head of state and later receives a post of the adviser.

Hero is full of bright hopes, it seems that the country is on the way of revival, and it is progressive and fair President Amin she will get up from his knees. However, soon the young idealist will understand that the world around is not so great, and close friend — the usual terrorist and a dictator.

Glass (2019)

The film is the final in a trilogy by Director Shyamalan ( it includes the picture of the “Invincible” and “Split”). The way the three main characters Kevin Kramb, David Dunn and Elijah price finally intersect. Meeting place is getting a psychiatric hospital, and to establish contact to them helps the therapist Ellie Stapl. The woman intends to instruct patients on the right path, explaining to them what superpowers they have, but mental disorders are obvious. Each of the main characters in your opinion on this matter and your way of cameras. Price wants to get the allies many faces of Kevin, and David Dunn should make every effort to this couple not out in the world and can do.

Inside I’m dancing (2004)

Michael is only 24, but he was paralysed, and he is forced to spend his worthless life. in the home for the disabled. Meeting with another patient of the hospital, Rory, forces the hero to think about the possibility to look at the world a little differently, even smile at him and start dancing … even if only in the shower.

Rory also moved to a wheelchair, but he decided that if he can’t spin in the world, it will force the world to revolve around him. It involves his new friend in a series of adventures. Rory rebels against his weakness, met with the girls, cracking jokes and having fun recklessly.

Michael intends to follow his example.

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