9 unusual burgers that you will want to try

If you naively think you’ve seen all the variations of burgers, you should think, whether so it actually. In this collection you will find information about the most bizarre burgers found on open spaces of great Britain: from chicken bun shaped donut tower from juicy sausages and eggs, served with cereals. Are sure that you will either love or hate these unusual combinations, because to remain indifferent in this case is very difficult.

A Burger called “Good morning, America!” you can buy in a cafe in Manchester. Ingredients of filling: sausage Patty, bacon, cheese, maple syrup, mayonnaise, ketchup and cheerios.

Liverpool is not far behind: here you can taste the Burger, whose name translates as “a Difficult situation”. Ingredients of filling: bacon, peanut butter and baby popcorn.

Moved to Nottingham: here you can buy a Burger “Vermonter” (Vermonter), which includes two pancakes, crispy bacon and the same of maple syrup.

Newcastle: a classic American combination of peanut butter, jam and a huge beef Patty.

Back in Manchester: here you can eat a Burger with a Patty made of goat’s meat, goat’s cheese and red onion jam.

The capital is not far behind: the sweet Burger is made of strawberry, ice cream and peanut butter.

How about burgers with exotic meat? For example, with cutlets of Zebra, Buffalo or kangaroo. Zebra is often considered a meat flavor, while Buffalo meat is lighter and slightly sweet taste.

Again London: a Burger with a cutlet of pork with greens, fried eggs and crispy bacon. Burger called “the Beast.”

Well, just a dream of Homer Simpson: fried chicken, bacon and melted cheese tucked between two halves of a huge donut, sugar coated.

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