The end of the world 2019: do our planet a chance to die this time?

The last few days, the web is spreading information about the end of the world, which this year falls on 1 February. We have nothing against those who are going to papanicolau in pleasure, but still, decided to find out what is the chance of edition BigPicture to go all the staff straight to hell today.

Tradition of celebrating the end of the world in Russia have a long history and we have not so long ago wrote. Today, in the age of unlimited Internet and preparation of missions to Mars, it would be absurd to wait for the arrival of the Antichrist or the fall of the firmament. The end of the world is available to us based on quite a scientific facts of astronomy, for coloring flavored prophecy known in certain circles Matrona of Moscow.

Exuding scientific communism, the icon depicting the meeting of St. Matrona and Stalin. How then not to trust the seer?

From scientists we know that our planet is approaching asteroid 2002 NT7, with a diameter of two miles. From seer, we know that:

“Believers will be few, life will become worse and worse. People would like a hypnotized. The time will come when you will put the cross and the bread, and say – your choice! Many of the victims will be. No war will die. Everything on earth will lie. In the evening everything will be on the ground, and in the morning will rise – everything will go in the ground. Without war war is coming!”.

Still have doubts? Personally, we have — for the common people briefly and specifically. And it is February 1, 2019.

Here he is, the wily 2002 NT7 — flies and threatens all living things!

Interestingly, despite the cogency of evidence from a reputable Matrons, some scientists are fussy and trying to wriggle out from imminent destruction. So, in Tomsk University believe that the destruction of civilization by an asteroid with a boring name 2002 NT7 is no longer threatened. Their calculations showed that a heavenly body has already passed the Earth on January 13, 2019, after lapping for a distance of some 61 million km and in our lifetime will not appear.

Associate Professor Tatiana Galushkina reported that in 2002, scientists around the world are allowed the collision of our planet with 2002 NT7, and even watched him for some time. But later it turned out that the asteroid will raskinetsya with the Earth at a great distance and lost interest with him. NASA reacted to the asteroid even more cool — it was removed from the list of potentially dangerous immediately after the detection in 2002.

In principle, some chance to die during cataclysm on a cosmic scale humans have. At St. Petersburg University, spoke about another asteroid that will come closer to us in 10 years. But Apophis, namely the so-called this huge boulder from the depths of space, may collide with the Earth in 2068. The mass of an object is 50 million tons with a diameter of 325 meters.

The General Director of the planetary protection Center Anatoly Zaitsev (Yes, there is such a very responsible position), believes that it is impossible to relax and death may await humanity at any moment. On the question of how to avoid contact with Apophis, the defender of the planet reported the following:

“One option is just to fly up to the asteroid and collide with it. With modern technology the weight of a spacecraft that can fly up to it, will amount to several tons. This blow is enough to the asteroid flew past the Earth.”

Institute of astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences, in the face of the lead researcher Alexander Bagrov, does not consider this subject worth discussion. Mr. Bagrov reported that it did not recall that asteroids have struck the Earth at least the last 10 thousand years and believes that this topic just speculating, frightening the population and creating a sensation. So official science is good at the end of the world February 1, does not give one hope remains to the Matrona of Moscow.

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