Curry’s says it will not sell any PS5’s today

Curry’s will not sell any PlayStation 5s, it has said, after many fans had hoped it would be the solution to their problems getting hold of them.

The retailer had been expected to offer the consoles at 9am on release date morning. As one of the UK’s biggest stores, that had been a significant source of hope for customers who were scrambling to find consoles.

But as that time arrived, Curry’s announced that it would not be able to hit that time.

“Our 9am go live for the PS5 is unfortunately on hold,” it wrote on Twitter. “We’re really sorry as we know a lot of you are really excited to get your hands on the PS5, we are hoping that it will go live later today.”

It told customers that they should keep an eye on its social channels for further updates.

A couple of hours later, Curry’s announced that no consoles would be coming today.

“We know that this is disappointing news, and we are working super hard to get more stock,” it wrote.

It once again urged fans to keep checking its social channels for availability, but gave no information on when that might arrive.

Curry’s announcement attracted a vast amount of engagement, primarily from fans who indicated that they had invested their hopes in a restock at Curry’s and had found themselves disappointed.

The retailer is offering a variety of accessories and games, which can be found through its PS5 page. But that will not have any new consoles available for some time, it indicated.

As with many other retailers, those pages had occasionally not worked at all over release date morning. Many users were hit by technical errors or messages indicating that the site had gone now.

Even when they did get through to the Curry’s website, users found themselves in a long queue – with nothing at the end of it.

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Our live coverage of release date – including the latest information on stock – can be found here.


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