How to land yourself a PS5 as shops go out of stock

The PS5 has become one of the hottest products this year – too hot, in most cases, to even buy.

The console was released in many countries last week with extremely limited purchasing availability outside of those who managed to pre-order the console. With the PlayStation now live across the UK and Europe, many are scrambling to get their hands on one.

Unfortunately, that, like the Xbox Series S and X that have recently released, is proving near impossible.

There are some tips which could increase your chances, however, as well as ways to hear about stock first.

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Where is the PS5 in stock?

Unfortunately, pretty much nowhere. All major retailers have sold out their stock due to the level of demand. If you’re really desperate to get one as soon as possible, many reselling websites like eBay and Gumtree have them listed – but for way over the standard asking price (which is £349.99 for the discless Digital Edition and £449.99 for the Standard Edition). It is therefore much safer and cheaper to get one through official channels.

What’s the best way to land one for myself?

There are many ways to be first to getting your hands on a console, namely signing up for the various newsletters from GAME, Curry’s PC World, Amazon and others. They will usually send out emails letting you know when they will restock ahead of time – and if you time it right you could manage to get one. Be aware though, the competition will be hot.

PS5 has been released to unprecedented levels of demand


A website called Stock Informer will also lend its most useful hand to you too, it shows you where the PS5 is already in stock and will notify you when new availability comes in. 

The @Wario64 Twitter account, too, is good at identifying the various websites which have just made new consoles available, so is worth a follow and could make a world of difference in getting ahead of the rest. You can turn on notifications so that you’ll get an alert as soon as there’s a new post – though you should be aware that it posts a lot about other products, and other countries, too.

Will any be available on the day of release?

GAME have said that they will have limited availability to purchase a PS5 on the 19th, while Amazon also announced that they will restock for 12pm on the day of the console’s release.

Ordering from them does mean that you won’t receive your console on the same day however. “We will make every effort to deliver all orders as soon as possible. If you order, we will email you with an estimated delivery date,” Amazon said. The online retailer has also warned that any deliveries can be subject to change.


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