DIY infrared soldering iron

DIY infrared soldering iron

Hello Samodelkins and guests of the site! Many of you have come across the repair of household appliances, which now use small-sized radio components. And it is very difficult to solder them without a soldering station. For this purpose, I made another homemade product that will help us with the repair of radio equipment. This is an infrared soldering iron. To build it, we need the following materials and tools.
Materials: car cigarette lighter, network wire with a cross section of 1.5 mm2 – 1 meter, a wooden handle from a burnt-out soldering iron, terminals with an inner diameter of 3 mm -2 pcs, two male plugs for connecting to the output connector of the power supply, bolts and nuts M 3, cambric.
Tools: soldering iron, tweezers, solder, wire cutters, pliers, power supply for 12V * 5-10A, drill and drills.
Now we start assembling.
Step -1 . We completely disassemble the body of the car cigarette lighter. Everything is shown in the photo.
DIY infrared soldering iron  DIY infrared soldering iron DIY infrared soldering iron  DIY infrared soldering iron We only leave the spiral with the ceramic washer.
DIY infrared soldering iron
Brass strip size 5 * 30 * 0.5 mm with a hole in the center, bend a ring with a diameter slightly less than the outer diameter of the spiral.
DIY infrared soldering iron DIY infrared soldering iron Then we put this ring on the outer circumference of the spiral. See photos.
DIY infrared soldering iron
Step -2 . In the center of this ring, using a nut and an M3 bolt, we attach a terminal in which the power wire will be crimped and soldered. The center of the spiral is attached to the ceramic washer with a small pin.
The positive power cable must be connected to it. We bite off the center of the round terminal with pliers and with pliers we squeeze it under our pin.
Step -3 … We drill a metal tube, which was fixed on a ceramic washer, into a lower hole in it up to 6 mm. We insert this tube up the wooden handle of the soldering iron, it fits there very tightly. We pass the network wire through the handle. We crimp the upper ends of the wire in our terminals.
DIY infrared soldering iron DIY infrared soldering iron
Solder the male plug to the second ends of the wires to connect to the power supply.
Step-4 . Superglue the spiral with a ceramic washer to the top of the metal tube.
DIY infrared soldering iron
our soldering iron from the 12V power supply, and we check the operation of the device Shown in the photo.
< img class = "aligncenter" alt = "DIY infrared soldering iron" src = ""/>  DIY infrared soldering iron The soldering iron heats up very quickly. The temperature on its surface reaches 480 ° C.
That's all – the homemade product is ready. It suits me perfectly, a necessary thing for a radio amateur. Film I wish you all success in your work. Until next time.


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