KCR greets Modi on Central Vista

Hyderabad: It is too premature a signal to view as a thaw in the mood of uncompromising political confrontation between the BJP and the TRS, but merely a welcome break, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao on Wednesday conveyed his greetings to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the eve of the occasion of his laying the foundation for the Central Vista project in the national capital.

In a letter to Prime Minister Modi, which was shared on social media and to the media, Chandrashekar Rao said, “I join you with a sense of pride on the occasion of laying the foundation stone for the grand project of Central Vista.”

Stating that the Central Vista project is “long overdue”, Chief Minister Rao said “the existing government infrastructure in the national capital is inadequate and associated with our colonial past.”

Chandrashekar Rao, who was recently admonished by both the public and opposition parties when he had the Secretariat building demolished after a High Court reprieve and released grand new designs for a new building in the middle and peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, in a way echoing his own rationale for his actions, said to Mr Modi, “the new Central Vista project would be a symbol of self-esteem, prestige and national pride of a resurgent, confident and strong India.”

Rao also hoped and wished for a speedy completion of the “prestigious and nationally important” project. This move will put the Telangana state BJP on the backfoot in criticising the pet new Secretariat project of Mr Rao.



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