“Musical trio” two speakers and a subwoofer

Greetings to all homemade lovers and those who just looked at the site in search of something interesting. December is coming to an end, which means that there is nothing left until the New Year. Very soon, each of us will gather in a circle of family and friends to have a big company to have fun on the holiday. And what fun is it without music and dancing? That is why, I present to your attention a project for the manufacture of a simple speaker system. To implement the idea, the author needed nothing at all: a few speakers, wires, an amplifier (everything is shown in the photo below). In addition, he needed wood glue and screws. For the manufacture of the cases, the author used MDF 15 mm thick.

Step 1.

First, the author decided on the design and dimensions. On a computer I prepared a project of a system consisting of two speakers and a subwoofer.

Step 2.

Having decided on the shape and dimensions, the author proceeded to cutting. I sawed the following details out of MDF. Speakers: two sidewalls, measuring 20×30 cm, one front and one rear panel, also measuring 20×30 cm.The top and bottom of the speakers were also made in pairs, and have dimensions of 20×17 cm. For the sub: two sidewalls measuring 20×25 cm, top and bottom 20×22 cm, front and back panels measuring 25×25 cm. Not all cut is shown in the photo.

Step 3.

At this stage, the author has made the phase inverter tubes … To do this, he used a 3D printing press, but this is not at all necessary. You can find suitable tubes.
< a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> < h2> Step 4.

Next, the author started making the speakers. First, he put the markings on the front panels. Along the lines, I chose a groove with a dremel 17 mm wide and 5 mm deep. Then, with a jigsaw, I cut out a hole for the largest speaker. After that, in the same way, I prepared two more holes for the tweeter and bass reflex. All this must be done with each front panel.
'Musical trio' 'two speakers and a subwoofer < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> < h2> Step 5.

Putting aside the front panels, the author glued the box from the sides, upper and lower parts. To ensure a perfect fit of the parts, the author put a load on the boxes and left it in this position until the glue had completely set. Please note that the author glued only the sidewalls with the top and bottom parts. The front and back panels are not glued. They will be screwed on at the very end.

Step 6.

At this stage, the author took up the appearance of the speakers. He pasted over the front panels with vinyl self-adhesive wood-like, and all other surfaces of each speaker with vinyl self-adhesive white. Also at this stage, the author installed all the speakers, tweeters and bass reflexes in the holes on the front panels, fixed the microcircuits inside the case, and on the rear panels the connectors for connection, having previously cut holes for them.
< a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> < h2> Step 7.

The next thing the author did was to connect all the elements in the columns with wires. He soldered the wires to the elements according to the scheme. In total, it took 6 segments about 40 cm long.
< a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto">

Step 8.

And so, the speakers are ready, now you can do the subwoofer. The details have already been cut for him. In the same way as when making the speakers, the author began by preparing the front panel. I put some markings on it. I chose a groove, after which they drank a hole for the speaker with a jigsaw. In the rear panel, the author cut holes for connectors.
'Musical trio' 'two speakers and a subwoofer

Step 9.

Next, the author prepared the sidewalls, or rather one of them. In it, he drilled a hole for the bass reflex (as well as for the speaker in the front panel), and also drilled holes for the amplifier controls. On the back side, in the area of ​​these holes, the author performed milling and attached a plastic part on which the amplifier will be fixed.
< a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> < h2> Step 10.

After all the panels of the subwoofer were prepared, the author glued a box out of them, just like the speaker boxes. And in the same way, he pressed it with a load until the glue completely set. As in the columns, the author glued only the sides with the top and bottom. The front and rear panels will also be screwed here with self-tapping screws. The subwoofer case, the author also pasted over with vinyl self-adhesive to match the speakers (the front panel is woodgrain, everything else is white).
< a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> < a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> < h2> Step 11.

At this stage, the author, also guided by the diagram, connected all the elements inside the subwoofer with wires. After everything was connected, the lead wires, the author screwed the front and rear panels to the cases of the speakers and the subwoofer. That's all, it remains to connect the system to the music source and you can enjoy the result.
< a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto"> 'Musical trio' 'two speakers and a subwoofer In my opinion, the system turned out to be quite good, but I I would add another Bluetooth module, well, in any case, it would not interfere here. That's all for me. To everyone who read my “story” to the end, thank you for your attention. Happy New Year, everyone, good luck, and see you again at Samodelkin's!


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