How to make a bluetooth speaker with your own hands

How to make a bluetooth column with your own hands I welcome everyone to the homemade site. Good music never hurts for rest and work. In this article, to implement the above, we will consider making the simplest bluetooth speakers.
Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer, laptop. You can get loud sound from these gadgets using the Bluetooth function. There are no problems with cell phones or tablets – the bluetooth module is built into them, and you can communicate with a personal computer or laptop via a Bluetooth adapter. Such small bluetooth speakers can be taken with you to nature, to garage and so on. The lack of connecting wires and autonomy of power supply gives a lot of options for using such a gadget.
How to make a bluetooth column with your own hands The basis for wireless bluetooth speakers will be a ready-made XH-A158 bluetooth receiver board, which is on sale on the Aliexpress online store website. It includes a bluetooth receiver and a low frequency stereo amplifier with an output power of 2x3W. The board has a variable resistor for volume control. This board is powered by a voltage of 5 volts, that is, you can connect a battery from a cell phone or a battery of the popular 18650 format to it. All that remains is to add a TP4056 charge controller board, a pair of speakers and you can assemble an electrical circuit.
This board is a bluetooth receiver XH-A158 works on the new Bluetooth 5 format. It is fully compatible with the old Bluetooth formats. The main differences between the Bluetooth 5 protocol and Bluetooth 4.2 are: an increased transmission speed of 2 Mbps versus 1 Mbps for Bluetooth 4.2, a longer signal transmission distance of up to 240 meters (in line of sight) versus 60 meters for Bluetooth 4.2.
Well needed to create wireless bluetooth speakers.
List of tools and materials:

– Bluetooth receiver board XH-A158 – 1 pc;
– TP4056 charge controller board – 1 pc;
– battery from an unnecessary cell phone or battery format 18650 – 1pc;
– a charger from a cell phone or a 5 Volt power supply;
– connecting wires;
– toggle switch or main power switch -1pc;
– wired computer speakers or 2 loudspeakers;
– box for 18650 batteries;
– hot melt glue;
– soldering iron;
– tester.
How do it yourself bluetooth column  How to make a bluetooth column with your own hands Step one. Assembling the electrical circuit.
First, we test the work of the bluetooth speaker. To do this, we assemble a functional diagram according to the drawing.
How to make a bluetooth column with your own hands So far, I have supplied power directly from an 18650 battery. When paired with a cell phone, the module produces a sound signal and voice confirmation. Then you can select a radio station or a music file. It all worked.
How to do it yourself bluetooth column The low frequency amplifier of this bluetooth module is assembled on the well-known popular chip PAM8403.
How to make a bluetooth column with your own hands The blue LED on the bluetooth board blinks 2 times a second – this bluetooth module is not connected to anything. If it is constantly on, the connection to the device is established. When a sound file is running, the LED blinks 1 time per second.
The volume is smoothly regulated by the regulator. The circuit works well. Now you can install all the electronic stuffing into the case.
Step two. Installation of electronic boards in the speaker case.
The electronic bluetooth module can be installed in a homemade case – its dimensions mainly depend on the dimensions of the speakers. I had old wired speakers for my personal computer. I carefully took out the native electronics from the main speaker, leaving a finished case with standard holes for the controls. Example – the bluetooth board fits perfectly, is fixed in the central hole through the volume control. The power switch went into the hole from the former volume control, into the hole from the former switch with the help of hot glue I installed the TP4056 board – a charge controller and protection of the lithium-ion 18650 battery. A red LED on it indicates the battery charging mode, blue – the end of charging. The main board has connectors for connection. The set included wires with plugs – it remains to lengthen them to disconnect according to the scheme.
How to make a bluetooth speaker with your own hands How to make a bluetooth speaker with your own hands Lithium-ion battery The 18650 is mounted on the back of the speaker housing on a clip for a 16mm corrugated tube. The wires to the battery are soldered onto the factory lamellas. If you have a battery without lamellas, you can better use a purchased box for a 18650 battery.
How to make a bluetooth column with your own hands Connect the second column with wires to the main block. You can use these columns as a pair or single.
How to make a bluetooth column with your own hands Now these columns can be placed anywhere premises and also use them outside the home. A 3000mAh 18650 battery lasts 6-8 hours of radio or music listening. This homemade product was assembled in 1 hour.
Video instructions for assembling and testing the bluetooth module are in the video:


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