Home acoustics

Home acoustics

3107 9-12-2020, 16:52 Home acoustics Low frequencies – AIYIMA 5.25 inch speaker
Acoustics for home
High frequencies – < a href = "" target = "_ blank" rel = "noopener external noreferrer "> Tweeter HIFIDIY LIVE NE66
Home acoustics Three-band filter – GHXAMP 200W Speaker 3 WAY
Home acoustics Mid frequencies – noname midrange speaker 4 inch
Woofer housing without alteration – Rogozhin's labyrinth
Midrange and tweeter housing (width and length) – according to the size of the woofer section. The system filter is located in this section.
Power to the speakers is supplied to the section with filters (MF + HF) – from it to the LF section.
Acoustics for home Acoustics for home Acoustics for home  Acoustics for home The bass is sooooo soft and good. How I did and collect the Labyrinth is painted a lot. He practically did not retreat from anything.


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