Slaughter mini crossbow

Slaughter mini crossbow

Dreiden39 Today, 05:47
Slaughter mini crossbow Hello everyone! During my short career on YouTube, I have already managed to make several crossbows! Mostly of a souvenir size, but far from a souvenir power.
Slaughter mini crossbow  Slaughter mini crossbow Let's go over the necessary materials and labor costs
1.Material of the shoulders – Saw blade
2.Material of the bed – duralumin
3.Material of the shoulder rest in the form of a Y-shaped sheet metal, 1.5 mm thick
1. In total, about a week of work in the evenings and nights, of course, if there is a great desire and a power tool, you can do it in 2 nights
Advantages – indoor model , destructive power even on long distances (up to 15)


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