Second life for Vitek VT-3489 center

Second life for Vitek VT-3489

A friend had a Vitek vt-3489 unit at his dacha. There are no cassettes for a long time, the drive has not worked for a long time either, there is only one receiver left. I decided to modernize it slightly. If you insert an MP3 decoder into it, it will still serve in the country. I ordered a decoder on Ali, it costs a penny (about 300r) Second life for Vitek VT-3489 Second life for Vitek VT-3489 He ripped out the tape recorder panel and the LED panel, and ripped the board apart. He took off the CD player and tape recorder chips from it. I cleaned it from unnecessary conduits, resistors and transistors. I danced with a tambourine, there is no scheme. But figured out nothing. Danced from the amplifier and mode switches. I left the receiver circuits, instead of the LED I soldered the decoder. I wanted instead of a tape recorder, but it didn't work. In the middle position, the switch simply disconnects the entire system from power. And the tape recorder is turned on by a separate group of contacts. In general, even better. In the middle position, everything is simply turned off. Radio to the right, decoder to the left.
Second life for Vitek VT-3489 center Soldered the decoder , checked. Works as intended. Switch to the left of the MP3 decoder, to the right of the radio.
 Second life for Vitek VT-3489 I made a hole for the decoder, sealed all the covers (tape recorder, CD), inserted the decoder. Collected. Well, now it will still serve ….. There is a lot of music on the flash drive .. The decoder reads flash drives up to 32GB ….. Of course not wi-fi, but for summer cottages excellent and not expensive.
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