Covid warning: WHO issues passionate plea over ‘critical infection point’ – major alert

Coronavirus: WHO warns pandemic at 'critical inflection point'

Dr Margaret Harris told LBC the level of transmission is an indication measures and actions to stop the sp pandemic. 

Dr Harris said: “We are at a critical infection point.

“We are at a point where as we begin to build up the immunity conferred by the vaccine we will have greater protection from disease.

“Ideally, that will help us stop the transmission but we do not know that.

“What we do not is that we can stop the transmission by taking the actions necessary.

“The fact that we do have so much transmission going on says we are not doing it well enough.

“We really have to be serious about it.”

She added: “My real message here is to the people that think it does not matter to them.

“It does matter to you, do it all.”

Coronavirus vaccine: Anthony Fauci addresses UK dosage plan

The UK has decided to slow the rollout for a second dose of the coronavirus vaccines in order to give more people the first dose of the vaccine. 

The decision to implement an initial single dose strategy is in order to provide coronavirus immunity to a greater amount of the British population.

However, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases chief warned he did not favour the move and said the US will keep implementing their original vaccination plan. 

Dr Anthony Fauci told CNN: “We know from the clinical trial that the optimal time is to give it on day 1 then for Moderna 28 days later and for Pfizer 21 days later.

“You can make an argument and some people are regarding stretching out the doses, giving a single dose across the board and then hoping you are going to get the second dose in time to give to individuals.”

He added: “I would not be in favour of that.

“We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing.”


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