Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya didn’t breach NSW protocol

Baby Village store in Sydney has dismissed the media reports which state that Team India's two cricketers – captain Virat Kohli and all rounder Hardik Pandya – had not observed the protocol during their recent visit for shopping.

The expectant Daddy (Kohli) and father Hardik Pandya did not wear face masks when they stocked up at Baby Village and made some very special purchases in Australia last month.

However, according to the Stores, every precaution was taken during their visit. 

"I believe from what I have read they breached Australian cricket protocol and not the NSW (New South Wales) protocol", Marsha Bell, the Operations Manager : Baby Village, said exclusively over the telephone from Sydney on Monday morning.

"There were no active cases in Sydney on the 8th December".

"We were very honoured to have two of the best Indian cricketers choose to come and shop with us at our beautiful new location".

"At the time they were in our store there were no regulations regarding face masks. My staff were advised they could not shake hands with the players but they were ok to stand and have a photo with my team".

"They were very kind with their time and had their partners on the phone shopping with them. They also had a security member of staff with them at the time", the manager further added. 


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