Rise in pregnancies, abortions with more than 40 per cent rise in hospital visits

Hyderabad: Women’s health fell in 2020 and they want to make it up this year, with hospitals recording a more than 40 per cent rise in visits as also abortions and pregnancies. Gynaecologists are seeing a rush as life returns to normal.

IVF specialists say there’s a steady climb in the number of couples opting for the procedures.

With nine months spent at home this past year, many of those who underwent in vitro fertilization treatment have conceived. There were others working from home for more time and felt this was the ideal time to go the family way.

With many in the IT sector, events management and entertainment fields having time to remain at home till June, they want to plan family life. Dr Srilatatha Gorthi, fertility and IVF specialist, said, “There is time at hand for those who are working from home. They want to make the best out of it before the work-from-office schedule resumes.”

With less pressure on travelling, there is also less stress and anxiety. This, doctors say, will give better treatment outcomes.

Several of those who have lost jobs or suffered economic crisis due to closure of businesses want to abort the unplanned child. In the last two months, gynaecologists carrying out abortions say they are seeing as many as 20 couples a month, whereas the normal was of five to eight.

Many are now visiting hospitals for treatment also because the fear about catching Covid has come down.

Dr Prabha Agrawal, senior consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician, said: “Due to lack of access to contraception methods in the past several months, couples say there was conception, and now want to abort. We take up only cases that are legally allowed. Those who have exceeded more than three months of pregnancy should not abort.”

Dr Shanta Kumari, senior gynaecologist and obstetrician, says, “Contraception is a better option and women have to be counselled for the same. That will help them take better care of their reproductive health. Abortions are risky and often we counsel them to avoid it. Instead, preventive methods are advised.”


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