Wall clock – dice

Wall clock & ndash; dice

I love home wall watches that are different from those sold in the store. And even more – pure hand-made. Even at one time I made domino clock … Therefore, when I saw a lot of dice, the idea arose to use them by making improvised numbers. But their size was such that it was a stupid idea to fully use it: they were too small, they would not look or read on a large dial, so I postponed the idea until better times.
And when I saw such cubes in machines for 10-ruble coins, capable of giving out jumpers, chewing gum, candies, surprises in tiny boxes in exchange for them, I returned to the forgotten idea again. Jumpers of different colors, made not by balls, but by cubes, in the form of dice – the idea can be interesting. Therefore, I immediately move from words to deeds and go to the balcony to create another homemade product .
In addition to the jumpers themselves,
 Wall clock & ndash; dice I needed a piece of plexiglass 270 x 270 mm;
 Wall clock & ndash; dice double-sided tape – any, but better thin, not foamed, easier to tear off later;
Wall clock & ndash; dice superglue – I could not find a replacement for it: all the other glues simply did not hold, did not fasten the silicone bouncing;
Wall clock & ndash; dice self-adhesive film – already in the process I realized that in my case it will not be needed;
 Wall clock & ndash; dice grinder with cutting disc;
Wall clock & ndash; dice construction hair dryer ;
Wall clock & ndash ; dice glue gun, naturally, with glue stick;
Wall clock & ndash; dice screwdriver – it acts as a conventional drill, plus an 8 mm drill.
Wall clock & ndash; dice You will also need a compass, scissors and a computer with a printer to print the two halves of the pattern, glue them,
Wall clock & ndash; dice and then stick to the plexiglass. This is much easier and faster than marking in place using a ruler, marker, and even more a sharp scribe.
First of all, we cut a 12-sided from a sheet of plexiglass. To do this, in one of the holes where the additional handle is screwed in, we turn the screw, tighten it and clamp it in a vice. The impromptu cutting machine is ready.
Wall clock & ndash; dice Now it will be easier to cut out the base shape.
Wall clock & ndash; dice To sort the bones by color, their combination, as it turned out, is not an easy task. I called my son, he is better with combinatorial skills.
Wall clock & ndash; dice Now we paste them. Moreover, those that are two, also glue together: it will be stronger.
 Wall clock & ndash; dice Clockwork. Can be used already used from other watches. Or you can search in a watch workshop or in a specialized store. I chose the first option. Easier and faster, and, as it turned out, cheaper.
< img class = "aligncenter" alt = "Wall clock & ndash; dice" src = ""/> The mechanism, so as not to scroll, glued (glue gun to help us) and pulled. But with a black rectangle in the middle, the completely transparent dial looked frankly bad, so I couldn't think of anything better than cutting out a circle from an opaque film
 Wall clock & ndash; dice and glue it in the middle. Naturally, then we go through a hairdryer so that the film settles very well.
Wall clock & ndash; dice Put the arrows in place , by all means we make 12 full turns so that they do not touch either the dial or each other, insert the battery and set the correct time.
 Wall clock & ndash; dice Can be hung. Original, not like everyone else's, the clock-dice are ready. I will sell this homemade product or make it to order. Email me or leave comment to discuss details.


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