5 reasons to finally give up make-up wipes

Woman using wet wipes

After a long day, a lot of us can’t be bothered with an extensive skincare routine – sometimes, rubbing a wet wipe over your face is all you can manage.

However easy it might be, it’s time to rid yourself of wipes once and for all. You’ve probably heard the occasional argument against them – ranging from the environment to your skin’s health – but it can be difficult to stop them entirely. Of course, wipes are a necessity for some people, like parents caring for new babies or those who are differently abled.

But if you’re using them to wash your face at the end of the day because it’s the easiest thing to do, it’s time to rethink your routine – and here’s why…

1. Most aren’t environmentally friendly

Many wipes aren’t biodegradable, meaning once you’ve used them to take off your make-up, they will exist for decades to come.

According to the Earthwatch Institute, every day 3.4 billion wet wipes are flushed down the toilet in the UK. This poses problems for plumbing and sewage systems, contributing to giant fatbergs in our sewers.

If you do need to use wipes, there are biodegradable options. Boots says its Baby Fragrance Free Biodegradable Soft Baby Wipes (£7.50) will degrade within three to four months.

Otherwise, use a cleanser at night, and ensure all the make-up, grime and pollution is wiped off properly, with the help of a gentle muslin cloth.

2. They don’t even remove make-up that well

Unless you’re buying all-natural wipes, many products are full of chemicals, like alcohol, surfactants and emulsifiers. Everyone’s skin type is different, but some people might find these chemicals drying or irritating, and it can cause your skin to feel red and inflamed.

Particularly if you don’t wash your face after using a wipe, these chemicals will then sit on your skin overnight.

4. They can age your skin

Even if you’re using a chemical-free product, the tugging motion of a wipe isn’t best thing for your skin. It has the potential to cause micro-tears and encourage wrinkles and fine lines.

Instead, you should be as gentle as possible with your skin – particularly in the super sensitive areas around your eyes. Washing your face with an oil cleanser or balm will be much kinder, as the lubrication means you’re not pulling on the skin in any way.

5. They can affect your acid mantle

Not to get too technical, but using a wipe to wash your face could affect your ‘acid mantle’. This is found on the very top layer of your skin, and is what Oskia Skincare describes as “your body’s first layer of defence against bacteria, viruses and harmful foreign bodies. It also prevents cellular water loss and keeps your skin soft, elastic and supple.”

Essentially, it helps keep your skin healthy – and using harsh wet wipes could compromise it.


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