Preventing LCD TV from Falling Down

The author of this idea tried to prevent the LCD TV from falling and breaking in the event of an earthquake. But maybe this idea will come in handy for another application. There are many ready-made special tools for this, but they are quite expensive, so the author decided to use the parts much cheaper and the “ DIY ” technology.
 Preventing LCD TV from falling

Two round eyebolts (M8)
One attachment bracket
One flat belt (rope)
Two metal fasteners for a flat belt (buckle)
Two self-tapping screws (in this case for wood)
Drill or Awl
Here is all the material you need. It is easy enough to find it in any hardware store.
Preventing LCD TV from falling First you need to check the back of your TV. LCD TVs always have four threaded holes for wall mounting. The size of the required eyebolt needs to be specified. You can find out the exact size of the holes on the website of the TV manufacturer or by the selection method.
Preventing LCD TV from falling Screw the eyebolts into the upper holes. If necessary, you can lock it with a nut through a washer.
Preventing LCD TV from falling This is what the rear wall of the TV looks like after installing the bolts.
Preventing LCD TV from falling Next, mark the location of the hinge on the TV stand. Drill with a small drill or poke small holes for self-tapping screws with an awl.
Preventing LCD TV from falling Fix the prepared loop to the desired place using self-tapping screws (screws) and a screwdriver.
 Preventing LCD TV from falling Pass the strap through the loop. It is advisable to lightly burn the ends of the belt with a lighter so that they do not bloom.
 Preventing LCD TV from falling Put on the fastening belt (buckles) from both ends, then thread the eyebolts into the rings.
 Preventing LCD TV from falling Then put the ends of the strap back into the buckles and fasten securely.
Preventing LCD TV from falling By adjusting the length of the belt, tighten it and secure it completely. You're done!
Preventing LCD TV from falling Tips:
The bolt holes on the back of the TV vary in size depending on the model, so be sure to check them. You can use a sturdy rope instead of a flat belt. The author used one strap to change the screen orientation.


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