Six reasons long phone calls are a total joy

Happy woman talking on the phone at home

Listening and talking – they’re some of the first skills we learn in life. But thanks to technology, and the fact we’ve become so good with words and messaging, picking up the phone now seems the most shunned form of communication.


However, after months of social distancing and in the midst of another lockdown, having an actual telephone conversation and hearing the sound of someone else’s voice feels utterly wonderful.

Here’s why having a good old natter is so much better than tapping away on a keyboard and summing up your emotions with an emoji…

1. Talking is so much easier than typing and waiting for a delayed response


A phone call is instant. You talk, they talk. You can say what you’re feeling, ask as many questions as you like and cover endless subjects without having to keep checking your phone; or waiting for a ping from an incoming text.

2. It’s a great way to get it off your chest


When something’s really bothering you, the best way to address the subject and clear the air is to tell someone about it. After all, that’s what friends are for. Being there for you – sometimes for much longer than planned – and boy will you feel better for it!

3. It’s good to have a long catch-up – and laugh or cry down the phone


Whether it’s laughing out loud or shedding tears, it’s good to let out your emotions. Crying is self-soothing, can help reduce stress and lift your spirits. While laughter (cited as the best medicine) relaxes the body, can strengthen your immune system and lighten the mood. Both emotions bring the person on the end of the line closer to you – in a way tapping away never will.

4. You can talk and walk at the same time


Talking and walking is physically beneficial as well as mentally. It’s amazing how much further you can walk when your mind’s occupied. Especially if it takes your thoughts off how many more times you have to go round the block before you can call it a day.

5. You can suss out the situation or how people are really feeling by the tone of their voice


Nothing beats the intimacy of a phone call. It’s like your best mate or loved one is right there in the room with you. If they’re worried, the strain in their voice will show, and you can spend time offering support and comfort. Likewise, how lovely to be told sweet nothings and whisper secrets to each other, time and time again.

6. There’s no record of what you’ve been talking about


How many times have you looked through a chain of emails or texts and wondered, ‘Why in the world did I say that?’ Even if you make the odd faux pas or gaffe in the heat of the moment, you can always steer the conversation in the right direction without the worry of the written word. It’ll all be forgotten by the time you make the next call.


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