The Michigan company will give their employees $4 million

While General Motors and Ford are preparing to cut jobs, a family company FloraCraft in Michigan gives each staff member tens of thousands of dollars.

Owner FloraCraft Whether Shenher said its 200 employees that it would pay nearly $4 million for those who work full-time. The amount will vary depending on seniority at the company, but the average bonus per person is about $20 thousand. Some of them pay as a gift for Christmas, the rest will be a special contribution to the pension savings account of employee 401(k).

The news was greeted with applause, and some members of FloraCraft even cried.

“I was crying. It was evident that it was a huge pleasure to make a gift for all”, — said the assistant production Manager Mary Overla.

FloraCraft company produces products for the floral industry and handmade, supplying products to Walmart, Amazon, Michaels, JOANN, Hobby Lobby, as well as to retailers in the U.S. and 17 other countries.

The average seniority of the employee in FloraCraft — 9 years. Some are here with their families — grandparents, children, grandchildren. Cash bonus to employees with experience of over 40 years will exceed $60 thousand.

“Fate has blessed me and my wife Joanne many. Now we want to share it with people whose energy and faithfulness inspire us every day. A couple of years ago I started thinking about what to do for employees who are indeed the heart and soul of FloraCraft,” said Lenherr.

And Yes, a generous gift does not mean that he farewell. The company is not going to sell, said the owner of the company.

If Singer bought the business from his uncle, who founded it immediately after the Second world war.

A family company will give $4 million for Christmas its employees updated: December 18, 2018 author: Alina Dykman
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