Scientists find two new species of rare ant in Kerala, Tamil Nadu

New Delhi: Two new species of a rare ant genus have been discovered in Kerala and Tamil Nadu by a team of scientists, the Department of Science and Technology said on Saturday.

The team was led by Himender Bharti of Punjabi University in Patiala.

One of the two species found in the Periyar Tiger Reserve of Kerala has been named Ooceraea Joshii in honour of professor Amitabh Joshi — a distinguished evolutionary biologist from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), a DST institute.

"The species of the ant genus Ooceraea found in Kerala and Tamil Nadu add to the diversity of this rare genus. They differ from others of the same genus on the basis of the number of antennal segments," the DST said.

New species are typically named after some distinguishing attribute or location but are often named after scientists as a means of honouring their research contributions to biology, especially in the fields of evolutionary and organismal biology, ecology or systematics.

"The two new species, the first ones spotted with 10-segmented antennae among this rare genus, were discovered by a team led by Prof. Himender Bharti of Punjabi University, Patiala. The discovery has been published in the journal ZooKeys," the DST added.

The genus is currently represented by 14 species of which eight possess nine-segmented antennae, while five possess 11-segmented antennae and one species has recently been reported with eight-segmented antennae.

In India, the genus was so far represented by two species with nine and 11-segmented antennae respectively.

"The newly discovered ant species with 10-segmented antennae discovered, establish an old world lineage that contains a species emerging as the only model organism among the ant subfamily," the statement added.


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