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For the first time in history the President of the United States became involved in the investigation, which conducts counterintelligence. This means that his connections with the hostile forces so significant that the FBI began to investigate if he is under the influence of another state.

During this time, managed to learn that the President was trying to conceal the fact of their communication with the leader of the country-opponent, and not only from the security services or members of the administration’s foreign policy, but also from their own consultants. In this matter, as in many others, he is trying to avoid oversight by Congress.

Supporters of Donald trump’s claim that he composed the conspiracy, which was caused by dissatisfaction with the FBI that he was fired the Director of the office of James Komi. And a couple of years ago it would be really crazy to believe that a foreign spy occupies the Oval office. However, much more reason to believe that trump personally afraid of Russian President Vladimir Putin, for reasons about which we can only guess.

The investigation is not controversial, in contrast to the fact that the President ignores the protection of national security. And the FBI had no choice in a situation when trump began so clearly to flirt with the Russian leader.

Attempts to conceal the extent of this communication, too, are suspicious. Intelligence, members of Congress and the public at large should know what was negotiated, but the President even tried to report about it. I don’t think he was some “innocent” reasons — at least his behavior makes it impossible to think so.

It is worth noting how the Republican party and conservative media are trying to cover up for trump. If Barack Obama withdrew the minutes of its meetings with the Iranian President or the head of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton in jail for lying about the absence of contacts with the Chinese business, the Republicans certainly would have insisted on the impeachment.

Now this does not happen, although the report of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is able to produce a bombshell. And although he still never called the name of the President, his inquiry in itself is an unprecedented scandal. But one can only guess what will happen afterwards, because there was never the head of state was not trying to hide the facts of the communication with the head of the most fundamental States of the opponent, while criticizing the FBI for the work it has to perform.

Tom Nichols,

Professor of national security Affairs Naval War College and Harvard Extension School, an expert on Russia and author of The Death of Expertise

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