Merkel put in place humiliated her trump

The Chancellor did not like the criticisms of the American President that the United States forced to defend Germany, and she is friendly with Russia.

Angela Merkel said the words Donald trump about gas dependence of Germany on Russia. Apparently the American President has offended and hurt the friendship of Germany with Russia.

Trump said that Washington protects Berlin as a NATO ally, and Germany is controlled by Moscow because of the Russian gas supplies. United States does not rest, that Europe, with the active lobbying of Germany refuses us gas, investing in the construction of “Nord stream-2”.

– I would like to add that I myself remember, as part of Germany controlled by the USSR. And I am very glad that today we are one… and can say that conduct an independent policy and take decisions, — quotes RIA Novosti response to Merkel at the NATO summit in Brussels.

She added that Germany owes much to NATO itself does a lot for the Alliance, supplying “most of military capabilities in the service” block.
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