Can Walker be woke?

You know we’ve reached peak reboot culture when an executive somewhere greenlights a remake of Walker, Texas Ranger. The 1990s action crime procedural, starring sentient punchline Chuck Norris, is not exactly a show that people look back on with a wistful sigh of, “gee, they don’t make TV like that anymore.”

It’s particularly gutsy — or just plain dumb? — to reboot a show that is best remembered for Norris roundhouse-kicking bad guys in slow-motion at a time when audiences are increasingly aware of, and disturbed by, police brutality and extrajudicial tactics in real life. Yet, despite being an incredibly unlikely candidate, the CW’s reboot, Walker, actually manages to chart an imperfect — but promising — road forward for what cop shows might look like in a post-Black Lives Matter, post-#AbolishICE America.



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