Allergic persons urged to be cautious while receiving Covid vaccine

WARANGAL: Even as the launch of the vaccine for covid-19 is being lauded as a lifesaver, there is a word of caution for people with allergies, said Dr Vyakarnam Nageshwar, allergist and immunologist, while speaking to reporters here on Sunday. He released an advisory for people undergoing treatment for allergies.

Stating that 30 per cent of the population remains prone to one form of allergy or the other, he said it is important to understand if such individuals can take the vaccine immediately or wait for a safer period. More importantly, who should not take it at all.

“It needs to be understood that any vaccine, even after adopting a conventional method of manufacturing process with all the necessary checks during clinical trials, can still result in undesirable reactions in certain people,” he warned.
Stressing the need for allergic counselling at vaccination centres, Dr Nageshwar said that professional counselling by experts at the vaccination venue is as important as giving a vaccine shot.

“People who are undergoing treatment for any allergies must inform the doctors present at the vaccination centres so that extra care is taken and such persons need to remain in observation for at least an hour after receiving the vaccine,” he suggested.

Dr Nageshwar suggested various factors that people need to keep in mind while undergoing treatment.  

> Anyone with a recent history of food allergy should take treatment before vaccination.
> Those with acute skin rashes should wait for reactions to subside before taking the vaccine.
> Seek the opinion of an allergist or immunologist before getting vaccinated.
> Whoever has experienced a recent allergic reaction must take an attendant while getting vaccinated and also share the medication with the doctors present.
> Carry epinephrine injection to the vaccination centre. It could be a lifesaver at times.


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