A resident of the United States goes to Canada to buy son’s medication and save at the same $38 thousand a year

In his annual message to the U.S. Congress, Donald trump said he will make every effort to reduce the prices of drugs and medical care in General.

Today the average U.S. resident spending on medicines nearly $1.2 thousand a year. It is much more than in any other developed country. Even more, this difference is felt when we are talking about expensive drugs.

Every 3 months the man is forced to go to Canada to buy there expensive cure for his son. Photo: Youtube

The story of John Gigli is a Prime example of the difficulties faced by the resident of the United States in the event of health problems. Every 3 months the man is forced to go to Canada to buy there expensive cure for his son.

A year the drug costs him $15 thousand, However, if you buy it in United States, for the same quantity of drugs will have to pay $53 thousand the Difference is simply amazing.

I pay $15 thousand a year for the drug, which in the US would cost me $53 thousand a year. In my opinion, to put it mildly, a crime. There is no reason why Americans should pay for drugs 3 times more than people in Canada, Europe or Mexico, “says Gigli.

The white house has introduced a bill that would allow manufacturers of medicines to provide discounts directly to patients. Photo: Youtube

The current President of the United States declares that shares this opinion. According to trump, he asked the Congress to soon pass a law that will solve this problem and establish transparent prices for medications.

The White house last week introduced a bill that would allow manufacturers of drugs to offer discounts on medicines directly to patients. Thus, the US government want to minimize the influence of intermediaries who often inflate prices. White house officials believe that this will significantly reduce the cost of medicines.

The U.S. Congress is now studying the proposal. At the same time, human rights organizations recommend that Americans buy medicines on the same principle as any other products. Simply put – to look for a reasonable cost.

Prices in pharmacies can be very different. In one case, the drug would cost $8 in another 58$. However, you never know until you ask, “says Jean Pinder, founder of the popular portal

The American is forced every 3 months to go to Canada for drugs to son in order to save $38 thousand per year updated: February 7, 2019 author: Paul cat
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