Mother decl conducted in the last path of her son: “it was Necessary to treat, not to listen to him, and to drag to the hospital”

Decl mother did not communicate with journalists. The woman didn’t look away from the coffin, in which lay her son.

Irina was very discreet the entire funeral ceremony. The woman was dressed in all black and almost preferred not to communicate, reports LigaNews.

LigaNews previously passed that now takes place online-stream farewell to Declan and his funeral.

A friend of the family turned to mother decl at the ceremony. He was interested in whether the musician has a clot.

“We had to treat him. Don’t listen to it and haul to the hospital. He was eating not understand how, all on the go. Was constantly in the bent position, the endless cars, planes, so he went. Told me: mom, I hate these machines. He was tired much. Did not spare himself”, – said Irina.

Fans attending the ceremony, continually repeated: “did not know the cause of death.”

“I heard that Cyril was atrial fibrillation. Heart problems were, but he didn’t go to the doctor,” said someone from the crowd.

LigaNews already submitted footage from farewell to 35-year-old rapper and photos with Pyatnitsky cemetery where buried decl.

Reportedly, at the funeral, a fan tried to stage a provocation, but the father decl quickly pacified.

It is also known that he first saw the decl for 14 years, but in a coffin.
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