Heart stops after taking “spice” in Izhevsk told about Decle about the drug problem

3 February in Izhevsk in the night club during solo performances died a Russian rapper Decl. Cause of death still not established.

Immediately after his death, Elena Lystseva, a member of the organization “For healthy generation”, he described his vision of a critical situation with drugs in Izhevsk, reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets“.

According to activists, the situation in Izhevsk with drugs catastrophic. In 1999, when he created the organization “For healthy generation”, the activists struggled with heroin. Now come to the fore synthetic drugs, which the common people called “spice”. The problem with these drugs is that they can kill the first time.

Lystseva said that people often die after taking “spice” instantly due to heart failure. The same symptoms, according to eyewitnesses, had decl.
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