Going back to school may impact children psychologically: Experts

HYDERABAD: The sudden switch to online classes was the first to take a psychological toll on students and now the shift back to physical classes, approaching exams and the pressure to complete 70 per cent syllabus in about 90 days will push students down the edge, child psychologists have cautioned.

Kids going to school, even with the consent of parents, could resist the sudden shift and some could even develop symptoms of anxiety, due to the fear of virus and a new system put in place at school campuses, psychology experts opined.

"It took at least four-five months for students to get accustomed to online classes, which eventually uprooted the normal schedule. This has also led to a sense of monotony and complacency in the home environment. To uproot them from the home atmosphere could lead to anxiety in some children, and lack of motivation to adjust to the school environment'', said consultant clinical psychologist Dr Srikanth Goggi.

Dr Mothukuri Ramchander, Telangana Psychologists Association State President, echoed similar views, adding that it is upon the teachers to ease the mindset of the students.

Amid the rush to complete a bulk of syllabus while racing against time, they should ensure that students are given psychological lessons to boost their motivational levels, he said.

He added that these tendencies are likely to affect their performance in exams as well. He urged parents not to pressurise children into mugging lessons, and focus on easy study techniques.

Another psychologist, Dr Ramakrishna Tanikella, said that the parents, teachers and school managements will need to educate children on maintaining Covid protocol once schools reopen. "More than studies or exams, the importance at this point should be on keeping kids safe at school", he said.


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