Retreating will not work

During the debate between supporters and opponents of the construction of the notorious “wall” on the border with Mexico, seems like no one remembered about the consequences of such a project, which was implemented in new York, and one of the most famous streets called wall street. That is, literally, “Wall”.

Boom on it, whose height was 9 feet off the ground, in 1653, established by the Dutch, who built New Amsterdam. But already in 1664-m this did not prevent the British to capture the city from the sea. The “wall” that has proved impractical, they eventually demolished, continued the street, but the memory of what was there before, has survived in her name.

As noted by the historian firt Fabend, built by the Dutch wall, ending the stockade, stretched across Manhattan from the East river to the Hudson river and was the Northern border of New Amsterdam, where lived only 300-400 people. She had to protect from the raids of the Indians, and from a possible attack of the British, who settled the North. But the immediate reason for its construction, which was carried out by the colony’s Governor Peter Stuyvesant by order of the leadership of the Dutch West India company, were the rumors of the impending capture of the settlement.

With the help of slave labor, a moat was dug to a depth of 3 feet, which runs through Manhattan, and then drove long stakes, to strengthen their soil and stones, so there was a very imposing structure at the extremities of which are mounted blockhouses with guards armed with muskets. The Dutch knew that remain vulnerable to attack from water, and therefore in February, 1664, came up with a plan to protect a stone wall the entire territory of the city (that is, the current South of Manhattan). But to realize it did not — the ships of the British, based on modern Governor’s island, approaching the tip of Manhattan to the distance of the shot, forced Stuyvesant to surrender.

The British did not immediately demolish the existing fortifications on the contrary, for a long time they tried to support them in the proper order and eliminated only when all of the ruined structure had become a danger. Walking trail along her citizens were laid even earlier, and the financial center of the new street began in the 1700’s, when settled there in force semi-formal traders stock. The first “exchange” for them were the plane trees in whose shade they were gathered.

According to the Municipal archives of new York city in 1751 when excavation works on the territory of the Trinity Church were found the remains of the wall. But, unlike that which proposes to build President Donald trump, it never served the purposes of immigration control, and played, with no success, the military role.

As summed up Fabend, it is worth remembering that their goals in the end did not have neither the builders of the Berlin wall that separated the current capital of the unified Germany into Western and Eastern part, or even great Chinese that has not saved China from invading nomads.

“People are quite inventive in order to finally figure out how to overcome the challenges on his road barriers, — said the historian. And it is better to focus on how to solve problems, not pretend they don’t exist, hiding this behind the walls”.

Y. Z.

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