In the United States experienced a flying car for the price of the SUV

“Flying car” is equipped with an electric motor and can move through the air without recharging up to 40 kilometers, reaching speeds of 62 miles per hour.

While the advanced research Foundation in Russia, developing the first flying car in the USA already passed the test of “super aircraft”. Even more, the already issued authorization to use it. Moreover, the estimated cost of such machines does not exceed the price of the SUV.

Test single quadcopter BlackFly in the United States held canadian company aerospace Opener, posting a flight on the official channel on YouTube. According to the staff, externally at least, and resembles the car, but it’s so difficult, because there is no traditional wheel.

The developers have positioned the device as a “personal transport”, which must compete with traditional vehicles, writes RIA “Novosti”. Dimensions BlackFly — five feet in height and four in length, a cabin for one passenger, the weight of which should not exceed 114 pounds. And in growth there is a limit – not higher than two meters.

“Flying car” is equipped with an electric motor, can move without recharging for up to 40 km, reaching speeds of 62 miles per hour. Take off and land on the ground and on the water. The reviews are very different: one is called camera genius invention, while others write that “damn noisy”, “not for windy weather.” “In fact it is a quadcopter with a bunch of screws… Nothing new”, do not hide the frustration of users.
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