American adventurism: the US is creating secret weapons under the guise of “peace project”?

In the network appeared the information that the American company “Scaled Composites” undertook the creation of the largest in the history of the aircraft, which has two fuselage and will serve as a “platform for the space launch”.

Despite the fact that the weight and the length of the brainchild of American company “Scaled Composites” inferior Soviet transport jet plane “Mriya” (An-225), wingspan is much bigger: 117 yards against 88-mi.

It should be noted that the concept of the “Stratolaunch Model 351” known for a long time. It was called “air start”. If you believe the developers, the ship contributes to the launching of rockets in the sky.

The plans of the company is pretty serious, because on the eve of the first flight the aircraft performed “speed runs” on the runway (runway).

It is noteworthy in this story is that, despite the claim that the plane will be a tool for civil rocket science, the publication “Quartz” drew attention to some inconsistencies. The fact that rocket-filled world of successful companies, and it’s not just “SpaceX” — the world leader in number of space launches. Recently about himself loudly said companies such as Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, United Launch Alliance and Northrop Grumman. This means that for a new provider of space launches for the missile arena is simply no room. For the market it is a real struggle and leaders, already known around the world.

The journalists noted that the very concept of the air launch system has significant drawbacks:

— at an altitude of 30 kilometers (that’s where you plan the launching of rockets) reduced air density reduces aerodynamic advantages of the aircraft wing;

— high demands on reliability of the payload;

— high demands on the engine bearers, able to provide the new high speed aircraft at high altitude.

the risk of the loss of an expensive aircraft and crew whose lives for something so worth it.

However, the publication noted that the concept has the advantage if the plane will still be brought to mind, it can put into orbit various loads. Journalists interested in a spaceplane, awfully similar to the mysterious “Boeing X-37” (experts are still arguing about what the Americans needed the orbital plane).

In reality, it is very difficult to support any point of view. In favor of the so-called theory of conspiracy, we can say that in the US, any military operation can disguise it as a peace project. For example, ex-oceanographer Robert Ballard, who became famous after the discovery of the Titanic, said that the search for the legendary ship was a secret mission to search for American submarines.

The large aircraft carrier spacecraft in U.S. history was also. For example, in the United States created dvuhfyuzelyazhny transport aircraft to transport the Shuttle, “space Shuttle” — Conroy Virtus. It should be noted that such a large and expensive project was part of the bole of a large-scale program aimed at retaining US supremacy in the field of space exploration, which was an important component of the geopolitical game. On this basis, we can say that the initiative to create “the largest in the history of the aircraft” was created not just.
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