Because of a typhus epidemic in the Eastern city hall Los Angeles city hall will remove all carpeting

The ongoing typhus epidemic in Los Angeles continues to gain momentum.

It came to drastic measures. City Council President herb Wesson intends to remove all of the carpet in the city hall of the metropolis. The same procedure needs to be held in city hall East Los Angeles. According to Wesson to take such measures forced the news of the infection of one of the employees of the city administration.

Starting from October 2018, the actively spreading typhoid in downtown Los Angeles. The hotbed of this disease is in Skid row, recently, however, the disease began to capture and neighboring areas. It got to the point that typhoid contracted Deputy city attorney Los Angeles Liz Greenwood. The woman believes she was bitten in the Eastern municipality fleas, which he brought back the rats.

Given that rodents, fleas and typhoid seriously threatened the city officials, it is difficult to imagine how things are on the street. Photo: Wiki

The initiative herb Wesson was supported by town clerk Holly Wolcott. According to the woman, she was also bitten by fleas in the building of the city hall, and once she even saw the tail of a huge rodent. Now the clerk is afraid of the evening to be in the office. Woman especially turns on the TV and the light, so that the rats knew in the room there are people.

The situation is unprecedented scale. Given that rodents, fleas and typhus are now seriously threatened by the city officials, it is difficult to imagine how things are on the street. Of course, the vast majority of people living in remote areas, still do not feel any discomfort. However, those who visited Skid row and faced with a dangerous disease, do not feel particularly optimistic about the current state of Affairs.

Experts from the field of public health explain that the fight against the spread of the disease will fail as long as the authorities do not deal with piles of garbage Downtown. They are the main focus of typhus, contributing to the increase in the population of rats and fleas.

The city administration has already conducted a “cleansing” of Skid row, but after a few months it reappeared the waste. Now from this problem suffer and neighboring areas. Probably, the authorities of Los Angeles have to mobilize all available forces for effectively combating the typhus epidemic.

Authorities in Los Angeles are going to remove all of the carpet in city hall East and city hall updated: February 8, 2019 author: Paul cat
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