The West began to unleash a Third world war: the experts described the scenario of the beginning of new hostilities

Leading experts have established the preconditions for the emergence of a Third world war.

According to experts from the UK, the latest aggressive attacks of the West can be called an attack on Russia and the forerunner for the outbreak of future clashes. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First, it was noted that the Third world war will start in 2050.

Moreover, the academics claim that it is the intervention of Western countries in the Affairs of Ukraine indicate the intention to engender a new world conflict. Some experts said that Russia has dramatically more to answer striking charges of the countries-members of EU and the US, Recalling their own failures. Among these Grehov can be called the outbreak of hostilities in Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, as well as a coup in Ukraine.

It is the EU’s intervention in the Affairs of official Kiev forced the Russian government to bring into full combat readiness the entire nuclear potential of the country. That is why many economists believe Ukraine weapon exposure and attack on the territory of the Russian Federation. Such acts of the EU and the US openly declare their intentions to unleash a new bloody war.

The above world leaders continue to introduce in Ukraine an anti-Russian course, trying to engender a universal negative to a powerful Russian state.
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