Deadly Nibiru began to experience Russia under the threat of the planet-killer appeared Kamchatka

The experts noted the particular activity of this space object.

Media publish information from ufologists that “funnel of death” Nibiru recently extremely active. It is, experts say, allegedly deliberately causes damage at the locations of the Pacific fleet. About it reports “Russian Dialogue“, reports the “League news Russia”.

According to the media, ufologists agree that the Anunnaki are deliberately attacking Russia and Japan, attempting to disarm a powerful opponent before the attack the entire planet.

The aliens supposedly want to destroy all of the Japanese development of nanotechnology, which helps to identify extraterrestrial activity on Earth, and in Russia they target weapons and military equipment. It is unknown how long will the alien attack in this area, but scientists are alarmed by the frequent disasters in the area.

Specializing in the science media say that an alien civilization actually cuts the ground from under the feet of the inhabitants of Russia and Japan. Bloody planet finishes off Japan and Kamchatka earthquakes.

In addition, Professor American University in Beirut, Lebanon Jihad tum and a scientist from Cambridge University, UK Antranik Sefilian made a new theory about the existence in the Solar system a few dozen bodies with elongated orbits.
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