Internet fatigue among online workforce

Hyderabad: Doctors say the problem of Internet fatigue has set in. Many users report to doctors that they are not able to cope with the pressure from regular Net use and want to avoid going online.

They complain of recurrent headaches, vertigo, mood swings, anxiety, sleep disorders and eye problems. Notably, the complaints are coming from non-information technology sectors.

Working online and too much of sitting are causing these problems, say doctors, who add that these people are faced with problems of poor concentration, depression, stress, online gaming addiction etc.

Students say their academic performance is seriously affected. This can manifest as both mental fatigue and physical fatigue manifested as musculoskeletal pain at neck, shoulder, arms, the back, say doctors.

Dr Naresh Gundapaneni, general physician at Renova Hospital, said, "Due to excess stress levels, internet fatigue has set in among students, bank employees, software professionals and teachers. They are complaining mainly of disturbed keep, severe weakness, neck and shoulder pain, recurrent headache and vertigo."

Visual fatigue is the most frequent complaint followed by musculoskeletal pain. The dominant regions of pain are the neck, shoulders, arms, fingers and the back.

The internet fatigue has led to absenteeism among students at classes, while teachers and bank employees often take leave as they are not able to cope with the stress.

Dr J. Anish Anand, consultant for internal medicine at Apollo Hospital, says, "Backaches are common due to wrong seating position for long hours. Some of them have overworked, for 12 to 14 hours at a stretch and this led to fatigue. These are also happening because of low levels of vitamin D in the body as they are constantly sitting indoors.”


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