NATO called Russia’s guilt in breaking U.S. missile contract

Representatives of the North Atlantic Council told about all the nuances in the termination of the INF Treaty.

The NATO Council declared that Russia bears the responsibility for the unilateral decision of the US regarding the launch of the procedure of termination of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty). It is reported by TASS, reports the “League news Russia”.

“The allies deplore that Russia as part of its overall behavior continues to deny its violations of the INF Treaty, refuses to provide a credible answer and does not show any steps towards a return to full and verifiable implementation of the Treaty”, – reads the statement of the Alliance.

The countries of the Alliance emphasize that aspire to a constructive relationship with Moscow, “when Russia’s actions will make it possible.” NATO officials called on Russia to resume implementation of the Treaty over the next six months – so much, in the statement of the American President Donald trump is a unilateral withdrawal from the Treaty.

During a conference in India, former head of the CIA said that the coming to power of Vladimir Putin breathed new life into NATO.
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