Serena Williams lost in the final of the US Open

On Saturday, September 8, Naomi Osaka with the score 6:2, 6:4 defeated the legendary Serena Williams in the final of the open championship of the USA on tennis. She became the first ever representative of Japan, who won the victory in the Grand slam tournament.

The audience in this dramatic finale will be remembered rather the conflict of American athletes with the judge than a brilliant game. Serena Williams called the chair umpire Carlos Ramos to first “liar”, and then “thief”.

In the second set, Carlos Ramos made Williams a warning for a hint from the coach. These tips are valid for other competitions, it is forbidden on the Grand slam tournaments. He then fined Serena a point after she crashed on the court with my racket and provoked an angry reaction from her. “You’re a liar! You will never appear in my court while you’re alive, she cried. “You’re a thief, you stole the point!”. The judge considered himself insulted and was fined by a sports star in a game, then in the set the score was 5:3 in favour of Osaka.

In addition, Serena Williams will have to pay a fine of 17 000 dollars received during the championship three warnings: for coaching (3000), the broken racket (4000) and insult of a judge (10 000).

20-year-old Japanese athlete, who played against his idol, was able to maintain complete equanimity, despite the reaction of the crowd. The fans that supported his compatriot, whistled and shouted in protest against the judge’s decision. As a result, the victory went to Naomi Osaka, and Serena Williams until I had to say goodbye to the dream to win 24 win in a Grand slam tournament to reach the record set by Australian Margaret Court.

Serena Williams refused to shake hands with the referee Carlos Ramos after the match, and he was not even present at the award ceremony. During the ceremony, lost his nerve and Japanese women, and Serena Williams had to console rival.

Was badly damaged this summer from natural disasters in Japan were delighted with the news of the victory to his compatriot. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during a trip to the island of Hokkaido, where last week’s earthquake, wrote on Twitter: “Thank you for what you give strength and inspiration for the whole of Japan”.

The recognition of the country is extremely important and Naomi Osaka, who was born in Japan but has dual citizenship Japan and the USA. Her mother is Japanese and her father was a native of Haiti. Until recently the Japanese are very wary of the children of mixed marriages.
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