Tool handle

Hello everyone!
Tool handle

The arrangement of the workshop is in full swing and a combined workbench with milling, a movable clamp and other pribludes is already planned. This article is about the clip. More precisely about the handle, which was not enough for him. The handle should be small, but comfortable and bulky enough to clamp the parts with good effort.
We will need:
• A chestnut block;
• Drills for 5mm and 10mm;
• Wood lathe;
• Sandpaper of various grain sizes;
• Oil for wood.
A handle was needed for this 10mm bolt with a pressure plate.
The handle for the tool For the handle I found a stocked chestnut blank , from which I wanted to carve the next ball, but still my hands did not reach.
Tool handle Tool handle Since it will be necessary to put the handle on the bolt, I decided to drill the workpiece in advance so that there would be no problems with drilling the finished product later. To begin with, I drilled with a 5mm drill so that I could press the machine's backgauge into it. Drilled, having previously marked, of course.
Tool handle I marked with a centromere (water is called that), made a long time ago by my father. In principle, you can see it.
Tool handle  Tool handle We punch a hole and drill somewhere 2.5 – 3 cm.
Tool handle  Tool handle On the other hand, I also marked out the center to drive in the spiked bullshit for the machine. I don't remember exactly what it is called.
Tool handle Clamp the workpiece into the machine and start sharpening.
First, you need to bring the workpiece into a cylindrical form to make it easier to work with.
Tool handle For cylindering, I used, of course, a special turning tool, called a reyer. (By no means a reground old chisel.)
Tool handle  Tool handle Okay, we have rounded the workpiece, now we need to mark the areas where the material should be removed.
Tool handle I marked it very incomprehensibly, so we sharpen it arbitrarily, bringing the workpiece to the shape of the awl handle. First, remove one side, narrower, converging to the hole.
Tool handle Then we sharpen a wider, more rounded shape … For this I have already used a more or less normal cutter.
 Tool handle Now you need to separate the place of the hammered thorn from the handle so that there are no dents on the product.
Tool handle Now sanding. To begin with, I used 220 grit sandpaper to remove the scratches and marks from the cutter.
Tool handle Handle for the tool Follows 320 emery for preliminary sanding.
Tool handle Tool handle And finally, 600 sandpaper to polish this case. I did not further increase the grain size, since this is not a jeweler, but a tool that will be killed anyway.
By the way, after sandpapering, I walked with a glove to knock out dust from the fibers and remove possible splinters.
Tool handle  Tool handle Now we need to saw off the workpiece. For this I used a hand held folding saw. I cut it right on the turns. And I know you can't.
Tool handle Having made an easy flight over the windowsill, the handle landed safely behind the machine.
Tool handle Now you need to grind the handle end. < br> Handle for tool For this I used 80 emery sponges and some kind of grit.
Tool handle Tool handle Tool handle Tool handle I did not bother too much, because if I were even a little more careless, I would simply screw a block by the screw and be happy with my work.
Now we need to drill a hole for 10mm. For this I took a 10mm drill. Logical.
Tool handle Tool handle The handle has sat down, it remains only to fix it, but it won't be soon. Not everything in the workshop is finished yet. While the part is in a blank format.
The handle for the tool I soaked the handle in oil with rosin … Here, too, did not bother much. The main thing is to soak well. To make it more or less durable.
Handle for the tool And now, such a nice handle turned out. For what I love chestnut, because it is sharpened and polished, and looks great after processing. And it shines well in the sun, it shimmers straight.
Tool handle That's all.
Good to everyone!


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