Lamp with imitation fire

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 Lamp with imitation fire People tend to be drawn to everything beautiful, in particular, this concerns the arrangement of the home – the arrangement takes place not only within the framework of practicality, but also in order to create a cozy atmosphere at home. It would seem that it is not such a great thing, but the interior significantly affects the quality of a person's life, take at least a color palette – depending on the colors prevailing around a person's mood can change, although sometimes we simply do not notice it. To create a comfortable atmosphere, many people install fireplaces in their country houses – there is nothing better than looking at a burning fire and listening to the crackle of burning wood on a long winter evening. Unfortunately, you can't install fireplaces everywhere, but you can find an equally beautiful and elegant alternative to them – a lamp with an imitation of fire, described below. Of course, it will not completely replace live fire, but it has many other advantages, for example, fire safety, the ability to quickly remove and install anywhere, as well as a fairly low cost – you can make such a lamp with your own hands .
For crafting you will need:

  • Several halogen lamps with reflectors
  • Fan
  • Scraps of fine silk
  • < li> Cup-shaped container

  • Filters of various colors

The type of lamps can be any, the main thing is that they give a warm shade of white light. The power of the lamps is selected based on the required luminous flux, too low-power lamps will not cope with the lighting, but too powerful ones will also not work, since too bright light will spoil the effect of a burning flame. You can take almost any fan, the main thing is that it has compact dimensions and works as quietly as possible, 120×120 computer coolers would be an excellent option, such a cooler can be powered from almost any 12V power source. Scraps of thin silk can be easily found in fabric stores, or even taken in scraps from an atelier, you need a little, so you won't have to spend too much. The entire structure will be placed in a bowl-shaped container, therefore it is important that it has an aesthetic appearance, metal is best suited, for example, you can use a large stainless steel salad bowl. The size of the bowl is selected based on the required size of the lamp, the optimal diameter is 20-40 cm. Light filters are ordinary pieces of transparent plastic or glass with red-orange-yellow colors, they will be installed opposite the lamps to create a color palette that is closest to a real flame … You can buy such filters in shops from photographers; quite often they are used in conjunction with lenses to create artistic effects on photographs. You can experiment with the colors used, choosing the best effect.
Lamp with imitation fire Based on the description of the components, the device of the whole structure becomes clear – the fan is installed in the center of the thicket, while a hole can be cut in its bottom for air penetration. Slices of silk are attached to the fins of the fan in such a way that they can freely sway in the air currents when the fan is turned on; you can experiment with the size and shape of silk, they will depend on the size of the bowl and the power of the fan. Lamps with light filters are installed around the perimeter of the bowl, highlighting the fluttering pieces of silk, one of the lamps can be installed in the center, right above the fan.
 Lamp with imitation fire Instead of lamps, you can also use pieces of LED strip or separate LEDs of different colors; by changing the location of the LEDs, you can achieve the fact that it is not at all clear where the light is coming from. Also, for the development of the design, you can go even further and apply a circuit of some color automaton on a microcontroller, which will, for example, smoothly change the colors of the LEDs in a random sequence, or create any other lighting effects. When using an LED strip and a computer cooler, the whole structure will be powered by a low-power 12V AC adapter.
Lamp with imitation fire Such a lamp, when made by hand, requires a minimum of financial costs and very little time, but it can be a good addition to the interior, for example, some any office, cafe, bar to create a pleasant atmosphere for visitors. As one of the options for installing the luminaire – it can be hung on chains from the ceiling, power can be supplied through the same circuits with a small wire, the appearance should turn out to be very brutal. For symmetry and amplification of the effect of such lamps, 2 or more can easily be made. Happy assembly!
Lamp with imitation fire


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